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  • Blog Post: Man At Arms Forges Skyrim's Iron Helmet

    We have covered Man At Arms' impressive weapon recreation work in the past, but in his latest videos he has moved from forging deadly weapons to the armor that could save you from them. In this video he forges one of gaming's most iconic headpieces, the Iron Helmet from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim... More
  • Blog Post: Swordsmith Makes A Pokémon

    Blacksmith Tony Swatton in his "Man at Arms" Youtube series regularly makes iconic video game weaponry, like a few weeks ago when he crafted the energy sword from Halo. You may then be asking yourself why he has created a Pokémon in his latest video? Well, because that Pokémon... More
  • Blog Post: Swordsmith Brings Halo Energy Sword To Life

    Blacksmith Tony Swatton in his Youtube series “Man at Arms” routinely forges video game weapons as requested by fans. He's forged assassin wristblades , Cloud's Buster Sword , and the blade of evil's bane, the Master Sword . Now he has created an often requested weapon that has... More
  • Blog Post: Swordsmith Makes Working Assassin's Creed Wristblade

    Man at Arms (a.k.a. veteran Hollywood swordsmith Tony Swatton) has made an impressive version of the iconic Assassin's Creed wristblade for his show. You can watch the Assassin's Creed segment below. It's really interesting to see the process at work, and the end result is very true to the... More
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