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  • Blog Post: Sequels Sell: Dragon Age 2, Crysis 2, Dead Space 2 All Hit Over 2 Million Sales

    Ever feel like you're drowning in sequels? We feel you. Sequels are big business, though, and Electronic Arts has the evidence to show it. As part of its announcement of results from the fourth quarter of its fiscal year, EA revealed that Crysis 2, Dragon Age 2, and Dead Space 2 have all surpassed... More
  • Blog Post: Madden NFL 12 Cover Voting Moves Into Second Round

    With the lockout in full effect, all football fans have to pass the time is next month's NFL Draft and the tournament based poll to elect the next Madden cover athlete. Get your round two votes in now! The biggest first-round upset may have been Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles victory... More
  • Blog Post: UPDATE: EA's Multiple Million Sellers

    UPDATE: More news has come out about EA's last financial quarter, including the fact that Madden NFL 11, FIFA 11, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 all sold over five million units (see below for more). More interestingly, perhaps, is the fact that EA is touting 39 percent year-over-year growth in its... More
  • Blog Post: The Steel Curtain Rises Again: Madden Predicts A Steelers Win

    EA Sports has used iterations of Madden to predict past Super Bowl winners, but we here in the GI offices think that out of all of them, this year's take on Sunday's game has the most realistic-sounding ring to it. At least we *** well hope so. Madden NFL 11 had the Steelers beating the Packers... More
  • Blog Post: EA Predicts Super Bowl XLV Matchup With Madden 11

    Which two teams will fight for the championship in Super Bowl XLV? EA Sports cranked up the Madden simulator to find out. According to the simulations provided by EA Sports to ESPN , the running game will be the deciding factor in the AFC Championship matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York... More
  • Blog Post: September NPD: Halo Reach And Madden Top Changed NPD Charts

    Yesterday we reported that the NPD Group is changing the way they report monthly video game sales figures, and today we get our first view of this new style. As was expected, we now know a lot less about what games sold how much last month, and we have limited hardware results. Nevertheless, check out... More
  • Blog Post: Madden Plays God With NFL Rosters

    People always make fun of sports games by saying that they're nothing but yearly roster updates, but Madden's latest roster update is big enough to be a game in and of itself. Check out some of these details about the update from EA: • 232 players released • 165 roster additions including... More
  • Blog Post: August NPD: Madden Rules A Rough Month For Games

    In news that's probably not surprising to many, the latest iteration of EA's ever-popular Madden franchise is at the top of the video game charts during a relatively slow August. Check below the break for all the official NPD stats from last month. Both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of... More
  • Blog Post: EA Sports Outlines Second Madden NFL 11 Title Update

    The NFL opening kickoff is only two days away! In anticipation of the rematch between the Minnesota Vikings and Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints, EA has released the second title update for Madden NFL 11. The biggest addition is the oft-requested reintroduction of the classic pre-play functionality... More
  • Blog Post: Most Underrated Madden NFL 11 Players

    Everyone knows how dangerous highly touted ankle breakers like Adrian Peterson and unstoppable gunslingers like Drew Brees are in Madden NFL 11. But who are the more explosive under the radar alternatives to these Pro Bowl talents? To answer this question, EA Tiburon ratings czar and franchise guru Donnie... More
  • Blog Post: Madden To Top August NPD Sales Charts

    While NPD hasn't actually released its August video game sales data yet, EA has ruined the surprise with the rather unsurprising news that its annual football juggernaut Madden NFL 11 will be the month's top-selling title. According to an EA press release, the company's internal estimates... More
  • Blog Post: EA Responds To Madden Long Snapper Controversy

    With newspapers, radio shows, and even ESPN picking up our story about long snappers being excluded from Madden, EA has finally responded to the controversy with a statement. Public relations director Rob Semsey says "Due to technical limitations, the Madden NFL rosters support up to a maximum of... More
  • Blog Post: Vikings Outraged (Kind Of) Over Exclusion Of Long Snapper In Madden

    EA Sports' slogan "if it's in the game it's in the game" apparently doesn't apply to special teams long snappers. Though Madden NFL 11 supports full 53-man rosters, they often exclude the less glamorous specialists in favor of practice squad skill players. One NFL team has taken... More
  • Blog Post: The Madden NFL 12 Wishlist

    What offseason? Just like NFL players train all year long, the developers at EA Tiburon are already working on concepts for next year's game. Now that everyone's had a little time with Madden 11, let's dive into what we want to see for the next game. Apart from obvious bugs (like play-action... More
  • Blog Post: What Would Get You Interested In Sports Games?

    Madden NFL 11 came out today. This is a huge deal for a lot of people, but there's also a fairly sizable subset of hardcore gamers (such as myself) who play almost everything except sports titles. Speaking as someone who writes about games as a career, the sports genre almost makes me uncomfortable... More
  • Blog Post: Madden Gras Kicks Off In New Orleans

    When it comes to football, the annual release of the new Madden game is about as big as the beginning of the regular season itself. EA Sports and developer Tiburon are celebrating Madden NFL 11's release with Madden Gras, a New Orleans-styled celebration of the new title and its Super Bowl-winning... More
  • Blog Post: ESPN Chronicles Madden's Rise To Riches

    Do you like playing Madden? Do you like reading encyclopedic articles? Then ESPN has a story for you! Regular ESPN.com contributor Patrick Hruby has done a fantastic job chronicling the history of the biggest sports game. Starting from Trip Hawkins' initial pitch to Madden (John was Hawkins'... More
  • Blog Post: Favre In Madden NFL 11 For Now

    Nobody knows what Brett Favre is going to do, but one thing that is certain is that Madden NFL 11 is ready on all fronts. Yesterday the "Will He Or Won't He?" rumor mill started up again, and although we won't know for sure if Brett's going to retire (c'mon, you know he's... More
  • Blog Post: President Obama Makes A Cameo In Madden NFL 11

    Celebrity appearances in games are becoming more common, but here's one I never expected to see: Apparently you'll be able to meet President Obama in the next Madden game if you take your team all the way to the Super Bowl. IGN brings word of the odd addition to the long-running football series... More
  • Blog Post: Madden NFL 11 Coming To Nintendo 3DS

    Seconds before announcing EA Sports Active: NFL Training Camp at Electronic Arts' San Diego Comic Con press conference, EA briefly made mention that Madden NFL 11 would be coming to Nintendo 3DS. No gameplay footage was shown (which is understandable given the game is 3D), but oddly, no details were... More
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