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  • Blog Post: Mad Men’s Don Draper Waxes Nostalgic About Destiny

    With the first year of Destiny about to finish up, YouTube user Micah Bell has this look back at the early months of the game’s existence, as seen through the eyes of Don Draper, from Mad Men . Micah Bell has submitted his video for Bungie’s Community Creations contest, if you care to support... More
  • Blog Post: Mad Men Stars Pass The Time With Disc Drivin'

    When the actors of AMC's Mad Men aren't pretending to smoke cigarettes and drink whiskey, they're apparently spending a good amount of their time playing Disc Drivin' , an iOS racing game by Pixelocity Software. This little nugget of information is a part of a great Adweek interview with... More
  • Blog Post: Portal 2 Meets Mad Men

    Mad Men 's Don Draper isn't the only one living in a world of illusion. Check out this fan-made Portal 2 trailer mashing Portal 2 and the critically acclaimed AMC show. The "Man Made" trailer, by YouTube user prefim, puts Portal 2's ATLAS in the shoes of Don Draper in a recreation... More
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