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  • Blog Post: Mad Catz Reports Debt Warning And Secures Additional Credit To Ship Rock Band

    Mad Catz has reported that the opinion letter for its independent audit carries concerns over the company’s ability to pay its debts. An audit opinion letter, a document prepared by the independent auditor as a narrative accompaniment to the financial assessment, includes what is known as a “going... More
  • Blog Post: Mad Catz Co-Publishing Rock Band 4

    Harmonix and peripheral creator Mad Catz have extended their partnership, and Mad Catz will co-publish Rock Band 4, which is out this year for the PS4 and Xbox One. Mad Catz will take care of sales, promotion, and distribution of Rock Band 4 and its bundles. Harmonix will handle the game's content... More
  • Blog Post: Ouya Everywhere Partners With Mad Catz's MOJO Microconsole

    Just when you thought Ouya's business strategy couldn't get any more confusing. Today, Ouya announced that it will be partnering with Mad Catz and its MOJO Android-powered microconsole. This deal is part of Ouya's new "Ouya Everywhere" program which will bring Ouya games to other... More
  • Blog Post: Mad Catz Manufacturing Peripherals For Xbox One

    Peripheral manufacturers are always looking for a piece of that hardware sales pie, and it seems things will be no different on the Xbox One. Mad Catz announced today it will release a “range of innovative products” for Microsoft’s upcoming console, though it has no further details... More
  • Blog Post: Halo 4 Gaming Headsets Coming Courtesy Of Mad Catz

    Mad Catz announced today that it has partnered with Microsoft Studios to create Halo 4 gaming headsets. The headsets have 343 Industries' support. Frank O’Connor, the franchise development director, said that they have worked closely with the headset engineers and industrial designers “to... More
  • Blog Post: Mad Catz Re-Releasing Rock Band 3

    The music genre dinosaur died out when nobody bought the expensive game/peripheral bundles. Not to be deterred, Mad Catz has announced that it has been given the green light by Rock Band 3 developer Harmonix to re-release the game this holiday season. Mad Catz will put out bundles of the game featuring... More
  • Blog Post: The Who And Mad Catz Team Up To Fight Youth Cancer

    Legendary band The Who and peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz have joined forces to raise money in the fight against youth cancer. Two of the group's members, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend, have signed a pair of Rock Band wireless wooden Fender Stratocaster controllers for auction on eBay. All proceeds... More
  • Blog Post: Mad Catz And EA Are Making Sims Stuff

    Considering that EA's ubiquitous Sims franchise appears on just about every platform, you've probably played The Sims in some form or another. But have you played it with an accessory specifically constructed for Sims-playing? Thanks to a collaboration with MadCatz, you'll soon be able to... More
  • Blog Post: Mad Catz To Release Licensed Gears Of War 3 Merch

    Today accessory manufacturer Mad Catz has announced an agreement with Epic Games to produce a line of products featuring Gears of War 3. The agreement allows Mad Catz to produce branded controllers, headphones, and other peripherals. In the past the company has produced faceplates and console skins featuring... More
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