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  • Blog Post: Someone Modded Skyrim To Make A Macho Man Dragon

    Every time I think I've seen the weirdest Skyrim mod, another one rears it's creepy inhuman head into a tower and screams, "Yeah!" It's like some terrible cloning experiment gone horribly wrong. [via Kotaku ] More
  • Blog Post: WWE All Stars Box Art Reveals Hogan, Ultimate Warrior

    On Friday, we ran a story about the awesome reveal of Macho Man Randy Savage in the upcoming WWE All Stars. While his inclusion is surprising due to his rough relationship with WWE, today's box art reveal shows off an even more unexpected inclusion -- Hulk Hogan. Considering he's currently employed... More
  • Blog Post: Macho Man Randy Savage Sells WWE All Stars Like Only He Can

    Anyone who's familiar with the inner workings of pro wrestling is probably doing a double-take at the image of Randy Savage in a modern WWE video game. He's been on the outs with Vince McMahon after jumping ship to WCW in the 90s and possibly being involved in a rumored tryst with an underage... More
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