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  • Blog Post: Next Level Games Set To Exclusively Work For Nintendo

    Luigi's Mansion 2 for the 3DS may have seemed like an internal Nintendo game, but it was actually designed by the independent studio Next Level Games in Canada, which is happy to keep working for the Japanese publisher. Next Level Games already has a good working relationship with Nintendo. The developer... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Reveals Blue Luigi's Mansion 3DS Bundle

    The year of Luigi is coming to a close, and what better way to wind things up than with a special 3DS bundle? Nintendo has announced that players can pick up a special Luigi's Mansion bundle starting November 28, which includes a cobalt blue system and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon preinstalled... More
  • Blog Post: Super Replay T-Shirt Contest Winners: Ninja Gaiden/Luigi's Mansion

    In the last couple of months, we've wrapped up our Super Replays of both Ninja Gaiden and Luigi's Mansion . As is tradition around these parts, we threw out the call for t-shirt designs for a contest for each of them. We've picked our winners, and you can check them out below: Ninja Gaiden... More
  • Blog Post: Enter Our Luigi's Mansion/Dynamite Cop T-Shirt Design Contest

    We've been cranking out the Super Replays lately, finishing Luigi's Mansion and Dynamite Cop in the last couple of months. A whole bunch of goofy crap happened in both of them, meaning there's prime material for some t-shirt designs. Here are the guidelines for the new contest(s): No tracing... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 04/05/13

    Editors are starting to dive into new games like Defiance now that some of them have finished up BioShock Infinite. Well, they will if the game actually works this weekend. Mike Futter : After an amazing first week at Game Informer, I feel on top of the world… so I'm going to conquer it. Civilization... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 03/29/13

    The recent release of BioShock Infinite has many editors busy this weekend, but some other games are creeping into their weekend plans as well. Ben Hanson : I'm so glad that I finished BioShock Infinite last night and am now hunting down spoilers on the Internet instead of fearing them. This weekend... More
  • Blog Post: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Includes Co-Op

    Nintendo revealed additional details on Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, The 3DS game includes a variety of new upgrades for Luigi's Poltergust, as well as multiplayer. Now, Luigi will be able to suck up more diverse objects. For instance, a bucket could be picked up with the Poltergust and then filled... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Releases A Rough Look At Its Upcoming Schedule

    Nintendo laid out a rough idea of what it's planning to release in Japan, Europe, and the United States from July onward as part of its earnings report. There aren't any revelatory details in the document , but the list does provide a glimpse at the differences of both timing and release dates... More
  • Blog Post: You Know You Want This Luigi's Mansion Papercraft

    The talented Sebastian Zych of Cut, Score, Fold and Glue Papercraft is apparently a huge fan of Luigi's Mansion. He's captured the famous plumber's brother in his finest form. Equipped with his handy Poltergust 3000 and an underpowered flashlight, this Luigi papercraft is ready to capture... More
  • Blog Post: Luigi's Mansion 2 Announced For 3DS

    The much-loved GameCube title is finally getting a sequel on Nintendo's latest handheld. Luigi's Mansion 2 channels the same boundless charm and ghost-vacuuming gameplay as the original. The video Nintendo showed at its E3 2011 press conference made Luigi's Mansion 2 look like a ton of fun... More
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