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  • Blog Post: Vlambeer: Resurfaced Luftrausers Clone "Just Trying To Steal Money"

    Last week saw the release of Vlambeer’s long awaited World War II flying ace title. But even before Luftrausers ( our review ) was ready for consumers, it was being cloned. Last year, Vlambeer successfully petitioned Apple to remove developer Rubiq Lab’s SkyFar from the App Store. Now, Rubiq... More
  • Blog Post: Luftrausers, Fez Headline Sony’s Indie-Filled March Sale

    Sony has announced the release dates and prices for games coming during the March Spring Fever event. Among the seven titles, are the long-awaited releases of Fez and Luftrausers. The sale begins on March 4, with Luftrausers coming to PlayStation 3 and Vita on March 18. Polytron’s Fez will finally... More
  • Blog Post: Devolver Digital Really Wants You To Post Videos Of Its Games

    There has been a lot of news recently about monetization of YouTube videos. This started a few months ago when Nintendo made the unpopular decision to exert its copyright in a way that pre-empted those posting Let's Play videos (LPers) from making money of those clips. (Note: There have been some... More
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