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  • Blog Post: A Short Explanation Of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Story

    I remember loving The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, but I didn't pay very good attention to the story. Who was Zant? Why was Midna banished? Why are we talking about this game now? Here's a short recap of the game that explains some of those questions. After checking out this video from... More
  • Blog Post: Destiny Fan Illustrates Comic Depicting Cayde-6's Backstory

    Cayde-6, the charmingly robotic Exo and Hunter Vanguard of Destiny’s Guardians, is a (mechanical) man of many mysteries, and also voiced by geek legend Nathan Fillion. A new fan-made comic illustrates one of the character’s few anecdotes that flesh out his backstory. Created by professional... More
  • Blog Post: Here's All The Background You Need To Play The Witcher 3

    What are Witchers, and where do they come from? Who's this Yennefer woman who Geralt seems so infatuated with? How was Ciri born? All your The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt questions will be answered here. Well probably not all of them, but this is a good primer for the game. After checking out this video... More
  • Blog Post: More Than You Need To Know About Legacy Of Kain's Lore

    Back in the late ‘90s, Crystal Dynamics and Silicon Knights helped develop an action-adventure series about vampires called Legacy of Kain. The series started off as a kind of darker, more blood-hungry take of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and grew into a larger, narrative-focused version... More
  • Blog Post: A Quick History Of The Super Smash Bros. Development

    Super Smash Bros. is super hot right now, but the four-player fighting game featuring most of Nintendo's biggest brands almost didn't feature a single recognizable character. Here's a quick recap of the development history of the series. Did you know that Super Smash Bros. was once called... More
  • Blog Post: Get Prepped For Inquisition By Recapping Dragon Age II's Lore

    Dragon Age II wasn’t as well regarded as the previous entry, but it looks like you might want to skip Dragon Age: Inquisition, so instead of spending 25+ hours playing through Dragon Age II, why not spend a minute brushing up on the game's lore instead. Dragon Age: Inquisition releases this... More
  • Blog Post: A Quick Recap Of Wolfenstein’s Lore

    Why did the Nazi's fail to win World War II? Superior American engineering? Bad German science? Poor planning? No, it was U.S. Army Captain B.J. Blazkowicz. Here's his story...told very quickly. The folks at Lore In A Minute! give us the complete story of Wolfenstein in less than a minute, and... More
  • Blog Post: A Brief History Of WildStar Creator Carbine Studios

    Carbine Studios' MMO WildStar just came out and most players haven't had a chance to get to the end game content, but by all reports the game is pretty great. So now's the time to learn about the history of it's developer before all your friends start bragging about it. Lore in a Minute... More
  • Blog Post: Here's A Bunch Of Hearthstone Facts

    I've played the game for hours upon hours and I still didn't know that the prototype for Hearthstone was designed by a two man team inside Blizzard. You'd know more than I did if you watched this informational video. The zany crew from Lore in a Minute! brings us another short video that... More
  • Blog Post: A Quick Recap Of The Diablo III Lore

    Not interested in wadding through Diablo III's overwritten dialogue so that you can understand the story? Maybe you've already played the game (like me) and you still have no idea what was going on (also like me). Take 60 seconds to watch this quick video recap of the lore of Diablo III and you'll... More
  • Blog Post: A Compressed History Of The Final Fantasy Series

    Few video game franchises have lasted as long, or endured as many entries, as the Final Fantasy brand. If you've only got 30 second to spare, here's a quick recap of the brand. RicePirate from the YouTube channel Lore in a Minute gives us a brief history of the Final Fantasy series in the following... More
  • Blog Post: Learn Sega's Entire History In A Minute

    Did you know that Sega was founded in 1940 as a slot machine company, or that Sonic the Hedgehog was designed to be a Mario killer? You do now. The historians at Lore in a Minute! put together this video, which quickly runs down Sega's history in under 60 seconds. More
  • Blog Post: Catch Up On Killzone's Lore In 60 Seconds

    We've shot our way though a number of firefights in Sony's sci-fi shooter series Killzone, and yet we'd have trouble giving you a quick overview of the plot. If you're like us, you better brush up on you Killzone lore. With Killzone: Shadow Fall set to release on the PS4 later this year... More
  • Blog Post: Far Cry 3 Story Explained Concisely

    Were you so busy killing endangered species in order make bigger pouches in Far Cry 3 that you couldn't be bothered to understand the game's story? Here are the basics. The snappy professionals at Lore in a Minute! put together this quick synopsis of Far Cry 3's story. Best of all, it will... More
  • Blog Post: A Short History Of Valve's Gabe Newell

    Gabe Newell is the co-founder and managing director of Valve Corporation. He also worked for Microsoft and helped port the original Doom to PCs. If you didn't know that, you might find this short video entertaining. Lore is a YouTube series that often explains the lore for video game series like... More
  • Blog Post: Get Caught Up On Elder Scrolls Lore In Under Two Minutes

    Like almost everyone else here at the office, I'm currently in the middle of a love affair with Skyrim. It's my favorite game of 2011, and I can't seem to tear myself away from it. Despite this, I really don't know much about the world and history of Tamriel. Plenty of books have tried... More
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