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  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 12/06/2013

    This weekend, GI editors look forward to jumping between worlds and check back on this season’s titles that they might have missed. We interns look back on our favorite games, which – thanks to the weather – all involve an excess of fire. Tim Turi : I just finished playing the fun little... More
  • Blog Post: Get Nineteen Indie Game Soundtracks For Only Ten Dollars

    Game Music Bundle 5 has been announced, and it's chock full of fantastic tunes for not a lot of money. Amongst the collection of 19 soundtracks are three from Grammy nominee Austin Wintory, including his work on Monaco: What's Yours is Mine. The lower tier requires a minimum investment of $1... More
  • Blog Post: Humble Indie Bundle 8 Adds Four Additional Games

    The eighth Humble Indie Bundle has added four new games to its line-up, including Tiny & Big in Grandpa's Leftovers and Intrusion 2. Oil Rush and English Country Tune have also been added, along with their soundtracks. If you've already purchased Humble Indie Bundle 8 , these games will automatically... More
  • Blog Post: Changes Make Developing Indie Titles Easier On Wii U And 3DS

    Nintendo’s WiiWare service featured some independently developed hits during its time with games like World of Goo, but the service never quite took off as much as other platforms. That trend seems to be changing with the new eShop platform – and Nintendo is becoming more lenient in order... More
  • Blog Post: Little Inferno Headed To iPad Very Soon

    Little Inferno, formerly available only on PC and Wii U, is heading to the iPad next week. You can check out our review of the Wii U version of the game by heading here . We liked it quite a bit scoring it a 8.5. The iPad version of the game will be availble on January 31, according to developer Tomorrow... More
  • Blog Post: Grab Little Inferno's Soundtrack For Free

    Little Inferno's soundtrack, a John Williams inspired collection of songs from Kyle Gabler, is available to download for free. Executive editor Andrew Reiner gave a Little Inferno an 8.5 and said, "The score fits the game perfectly. Crescendos are used to amplify the emotional response to specific... More
  • Blog Post: Little Inferno Teaser Trailer Looks Bleak

    The next game from the makers of World of Goo is a game about children burning their toys in order to stay warm. There is a happy song playing, and the children seem perfectly fine with tossing their favorite toys in the flames, but there seems to be a terrifying undertone to the whole teaser. We're... More
  • Blog Post: World Of Goo Co-Creator Announces New Game

    Tomorrow Corporation , which employs World of Goo co-creator Kyle Gabler, Henry Hatsworth creator Kyle Gray, and former Electronic Arts employee Allan Blomquist, has announced its new game, Little Inferno. All the information we know about the game is contained in the image above. It's called Little... More
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