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  • Blog Post: Nintendo Deletes All Of Popular Streamer's Super Mario Maker Levels Without Explanation

    Popular Twitch streamer David "GrandPOOBear" Hunt, who has told Kotaku he earns nearly all his income off streaming Super Mario Maker, made a distressing discovery today when he found out that every single one of his Super Mario Maker levels had been deleted and his profile wiped clean. Hunt... More
  • Blog Post: Project Spark Shares Its 25 Favorite User Created Levels Of 2014

    Though its only been fully released for about three months, hundreds of thousands of levels have already been created in Project Spark, and developer Team Dakota has whittled the list down to their favorites. You can check out its list of 25 favorite levels alongside the creator's gamertags. 25.... More
  • Blog Post: Zeus And Isaac Clarke Coming To PlayStation All-Stars

    PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale is adding a couple of high-profile character to its roster, God of War's Zeus and Dead Space's Isaac Clarke. The game is also adding a new level that combines the worlds of The Unfinished Swan and MediEvil. In celebrations of the recent Dead Space 3 and the... More
  • Blog Post: Terminal Map Coming To Modern Warfare 3

    Infinity Ward announced that the fan-favorite "Terminal" map from Modern Warfare 2 is coming to Modern Warfare 3 -- for free. However, some players will have to wait awhile. In accordance with Activision's deal with Microsoft, the DLC is coming to Xbox Live first; it launches on July 17... More
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