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  • Blog Post: Minecraft Movie Will Be Aimed At The Jurassic World Audience

    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Rob McElhnney is prepping to write and direct the Minecraft film for Warner Bros. The film is currently being scripted, but it seems that the studio already expects big things from the massive video game property. “We are currently in the scripting stages... More
  • Blog Post: Lego Reveals Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ

    LEGO has scared up an appropriately spooky set just in time for Halloween. Today the company gave miniature enthusiasts their first look at its Ghostbusters Firehouse. The 4,634-piece two-story firehouse is equipped with a laboratory, living quarters, and containment unit. These cutting edge ghost busting... More
  • Blog Post: The Last Of Us Gets A Fan-Made Lego Treatment

    If you're a fan of Lego video games, than you've probably wondered what other titles might look like as a Lego game. YouTube user Brian Anderson has as well, and has created a video showing what "Lego The Last of Us" might look and play like. In this mock-gameplay footage, Joel and... More
  • Blog Post: Master Lego Craftsman Spends A Year Building Batman's Arkham Asylum

    We've all become intimately familiar with Gotham's home for the criminally insane thanks to the Arkham series of video games, but we don't have anything on Lego builder Thorsten Bonsch, who spent a year building the asylum with Lego bricks. You can check out a full gallery of photos of the... More
  • Blog Post: Doom's Cacodemon Created In Legos

    The Cacodemon from Doom is an oddly shaped circular beast that doesn't seem like it would lend itself to Legos, but Bart De Dobbelaer went for it anyway. In Doom 2's instruction booklet, this is how the Cacodemon is described: "They float in the air, belch ball-lightning, and boast one Hell... More
  • Blog Post: Portal 2 Highlights Recreated With Lego

    Portal 2 features some of the best storytelling in game history. Now, some talented stop-motion animators have recreated some of the best moments from the game with Lego. Kooberz Studios created the clip, which was entered in Machinima's Interactive Film Festival. It's very clever, and must have... More
  • Blog Post: You Can Now Buy Minecraft LEGOs

    LEGOs are already kind of like a real life Minecraft world, but that’s not going to stop us from stopping you from buying these officially branded Minecraft LEGOs. Build a real life version of your digital Minecraft world with these new LEGO sets , starting at $34.99. [Thanks to Joshua Spence for... More
  • Blog Post: Halo Reach's Beloved Shotgun Recreated In LEGO Form

    Nick Jensen, a.k.a. Nick Brick, has finished his latest LEGO build, a recreation of Halo Reach's M45 Tactical Shotgun that you have to see to believe. Jensen says that the build took two months complete, though I would have guessed longer based on the quality of the finished piece. In addition to... More
  • Blog Post: Lego Universe Manifests Your Childhood Creativity

    When I think of endless entertainment value, I think of two things; lego bricks and MMOs. It only makes sense, then, that these two sources of fun should coalesce into one massively multiplayer online game. If you used to spend hours waging lego wars on your living room floor, be sure to check out these... More
  • Blog Post: Prince Of Persia LEGO Images Surface!

    Video game movies have a tradition of sucking. But, as we all know, He-Who-Shall-Never-Be-Named-On-This-Site (the director who brought us House of the Dead , Postal , and Dungeon Siege ) is responsible for most of the silver screen flops over the last decade. Thankfully, he's not attached to the... More
  • Blog Post: Invasion Of The LEGO Vic Vipers!

    If you watched the broadcast premiere of V last night, you may want to remove the "v" from November. I want to at least. That pilot effectively killed any interest I had with the show in an hour's time. On the other hand, a Flickr group geared toward LEGO builders is asking its users to... More
  • Blog Post: Mega Man in LEGOs

    The Game Informer staff is home to several aspiring LEGO builders. Jeff Cork once built a firetruck most people mistook for an alien landing craft. Nick Ahrens built a lawnmower out of six LEGO pieces (he says it's abstact art). And I painted a minifig that is the splitting image of Peter Frampton... More
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