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  • Blog Post: Sega Details Extensive Breakdowns In Relationship With Gearbox Over Alien: Colonial Marines

    Whether the class action lawsuit over Alien: Colonial Marines ever results in meaningful compensation for consumers is something we don’t yet know. However, the legal matter has served to bring to light serious relationship problems between Sega and Gearbox, according to the publisher’s testimony... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Capcom Is Suing Koei Tecmo Over Older Dynasty Warriors Games

    Capcom is suing Dynasty Warriors publisher Koei Tecmo for patent infringement, according to new report. The matter concerns a Capcom-held patent filed in 2002 that details how users can import content from one disc-based piece of software to another. A similar feature was found in a number of Musou games... More
  • Blog Post: Sega Close To $1.25 Million Settlement In Alien: Colonial Marines Suit

    One piece of the Alien: Colonial Marines class action suit could be drawing to a close soon, as publisher Sega has preliminarily agreed to a settlement with plaintiffs. If accepted by the court, class participants would be due an equal distribution of a $1.25 million settlement. The parties came to an... More
  • Blog Post: Artist Claims Pet Toy Company Robbed Her Of Angry Birds Profits

    A Seattle artist is suing the Hartz Mountain Company, through which she used to sell her Angry Birds cat toys. The line of products pre-dates Rovio’s hit mobile game series and Juli Adams claims that Hartz had no right to sell the trademark and, by extension, deprive her of revenues. According... More
  • Blog Post: Gearbox Tells Its Side Of The Alien: Colonial Marines Story In Court

    In April last year, disgruntled consumers filed a lawsuit against Sega and Gearbox over the critically panned Alien: Colonial Marines. The suit alleges that the title was falsely advertised via demos at trade shows, including PAX and E3. In a statement that was filed along with a request for summary... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Court Approves Sony Settlement In 2011 PSN Data Breach Case

    Update: Sony has responded to our request for comment on the settlement for the 2011 PSN hacking and data breach class actions suit. "A proposed settlement has been reached in the class action lawsuits arising from the April 2011 criminal cyber-attacks on the PlayStation Network, Qriocity, and Sony... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Former Activision Parent Company Considered Firing CEO Kotick

    Last year, Activision bought its independence from ailing parent company Vivendi to the tune of $8 billion. The move was orchestrated by CEO Bobby Kotick, who lead an investor group responsible for $2.34 billion of the funding. Bloomberg is reporting that Vivendi considered firing Kotick during the buyout... More
  • Blog Post: Former Dictator Manuel Noriega Sues Activision Over Black Ops II Appearance

    In Activision’s 2012 Call of Duty: Black Ops II , players encounter former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega a number of times during flashback missions. The now-imprisoned former leader has taken offense to his inclusion and is currently suing Activision. Noriega is suing for lost profits from... More
  • Blog Post: Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Have Precedent On Her Side In GTA V Likeness Suit

    Lindsay Lohan has been posturing for months over claims that Take-Two and Rockstar used her likeness without permission in Grand Theft Auto V. Specifically, Lohan has pointed to character Lacey Jonas, claiming that the developer and publisher have capitalized on her celebrity to sell copies of the title... More
  • Blog Post: Ubisoft Successfully Defends Against DRM Patent Infringement Suit

    Ubisoft has won a court victory over allegations of patent infringement. The suit, brought by Digital Reg, was focused on Ubisoft’s uPlay and content authentication and access. The suit alleges that Ubisoft’s digital rights management and its uPlay service infringe upon a number of Digital... More
  • Blog Post: After Defeat In U.S., Rebellion Still Doesn’t Want Developers To Use Its Name In Titles

    If Rebellion (the developer behind the Sniper Elite series, NeverDead, and Rogue Warrior) had its way, no one would be able to use the word “rebellion” in a video game title. The studio attempted to enforce a trademark in a lawsuit against Sins of the Solar Empire: Rebellion developer Ironclad... More
  • Blog Post: Oculus Calls Zenimax Lawsuit ‘Misleading' And 'Unjust’ In Court Filing

    Last month, Bethesda Softworks and Id Software parent Zenimax filed suit against Oculus VR for misappropriation of intellectual property . Today, Oculus has filed its formal response with the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas. In the filing, Oculus asserts that Zenimax is... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Loses U.K. Patent Battle With Philips

    A U.K. judge has ruled in favor of Philips against Nintendo in the case of two instances of patent infringement. The patents in question deal with recognition of hand gestures and motion as input mechanisms and are related to the Wii. Nintendo says it will appeal the decision and that it will work to... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Squashes ‘Patent Troll’ Triton In Wii Remote Case

    Nintendo has announced the dismissal of a 2010 lawsuit filed by Triton over the Wii Remote. Triton alleged that the technology powering the Wii Remote infringed against its patent for a “computer apparatus input device for three-dimensional information.” The Seattle district court found Triton’s... More
  • Blog Post: Kickstarter Drastically Overhauls Rules And Automates Approval Process

    Kickstarter has published new rules that make significant changes to the platform, opening up crowdfunding via the site to more projects. Item prohibitions – like those on beauty products – and restrictions on others (multiple orders for a single hardware project) have been lifted. Kickstarter... More
  • Blog Post: New Net Neutrality Proposal Would Create An Internet ‘Fast Lane’

    The Federal Communications Commission has voted in favor of moving ahead with a new net neutrality plan. The proposal would create a two-tiered structure that disallows throttling, but creates a “fast lane” for content providers willing to pay for the privilege. The difference between throttling... More
  • Blog Post: Philips Sues Nintendo, Seeks To Halt Wii U Sales In U.S.

    Philips has filed suit against Nintendo claiming patent infringement. Specifically, the complaint focuses on motion-controlled consoles and peripherals, including the Wii U and its accessories, and technology that “models a user’s body in a virtual environment by animating a virtual body... More
  • Blog Post: State Of Washington Sues Deadbeat Kickstarter Manager

    Kickstarter (and other crowdfunding platforms) has been a new frontier, especially in terms of legal obligation to deliver . Projects going belly-up have peppered the news for years, but now one state government is taking action. Washington State attorney general Bob Ferguson has filed suit against Edward... More
  • Blog Post: Rhode Island Taxpayers To Foot $2.4 Million 38 Studios Bill

    The state of Rhode Island will pay out $2.4 million to investors holding 38 Studios bonds. This will mark the first time that the state will pay out interest out of public funds. This payout follows a November 1 disbursement totaling $7.4 million in principal and $2.7 million in interest. Those funds... More
  • Blog Post: Zenimax Claims Oculus/Palmer Luckey Misappropriated Its Intellectual Property

    Update: In light of Zenimax's legal action , we've updated the wording of this news post to better reflect Zenimax's claims against Oculus. Update: John Carmack has commented on the claims made by Zenimax."No work I have ever done has been patented," Carmack said via Twitter . "Zenimax... More
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