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  • Blog Post: Leap Motion Moves Into VR

    VR is on the horizon, while gesture-based gaming is yesterday's fad. But that doesn't mean that VR and motion-based gaming can't combine forces. Leap Motion – creators of the self-named device that lets you play PC titles with your hands – has launched a mount and a new software... More
  • Blog Post: Leap Motion Device Demonstrated With DoubleFine's Dropchord

    We're a couple of months away from Leap's release in May , but the USB device was demonstrated at DoubleFine's PAX East booth. We had a chance to test it out with the launch game DropChord, and came away impressed with its accuracy. Leap is a small USB device that sits in front of your desktop... More
  • Blog Post: Double Fine Releases Teaser For New Game Dropchord

    In preparation for PAX East, Double Fine has released a teaser trailer for their upcoming Leap Motion-compatible game, Dropchord. Dropchord is a music-based game compatible with the Leap Motion controller and will be available on PC, Mac and iOS. The game will be a playable through a demo at PAX East... More
  • Blog Post: Double Fine Announces New Game For Leap Motion Controller

    Today Double Fine announced a new game designed to take advantage of Leap Motion's impressive gesture-based controller. Just last week Leap Motion announced that its motion controller would be available for PC and Mac starting in May. The Leap Motion Controller has been lauded for its sensitivity... More
  • Blog Post: Leap Motion Gesture Controls Coming In May

    Leap Motion, the impressive gesture control hardware that is supposedly accurate to a hundredth of a millimeter, is coming to retail in May. The device will be $80, and will be available on May 13 to pre-order customers, and May 19 to non-pre-order customers. You can check out the video below to see... More
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