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  • Blog Post: Law & Order: SVU Rips GamerGate From The Headlines

    Law & Order: SVU made its reputation as one of TV's great guilty pleasures by creating barely disguised roman á clefs based on recent media scandals. Now, it's set its sights on the "GamerGate" controversy and Anita Sarkeesian. NBC just released a clip from the upcoming episode... More
  • Blog Post: Telltale Brings Together Law & Order Dream Team On iOS, PC

    You may think of Telltale Games as the team making adventure titles based on popular movie franchises like Jurassic Park and Back to the Future, but did you know they're also making adventure titles based on popular TV franchises? I've got the evidence to prove it! Today Telltale announced the... More
  • Blog Post: Ice-T: Words With The Original Gamer

    I used to call myself “The Original Gamer” in the magazine in tribute to Ice-T’s 1991 album O.G. Original Gangster , so I was excited to find out, via his many postings on YouTube and Twitter, that the gangster rap legend and actor is a devoted gamer. I recently got a chance to speak... More
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