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  • Blog Post: BioWare Releases SWTOR Update, Celebrates KOTOR’s 10th Anniversary

    Developer BioWare and publisher Electronic Arts released update 2.2.2 for Star Wars: The Old Republic today. The update features Nightmare Mode Operation: Legions of Scum and Villainy, the second of two parts to SWTOR’s Operation Nightmare. Scum and Villainy primarily faces players against the... More
  • Blog Post: Lightsabers And Gavels Find Their Way Into This Week's Mobile Lineup

    It’s been some time since we’ve done a weekly mobile roundup, so this edition will actually cover the last few weeks. On deck: KOTOR goes mobile, Warhammer Quest gets a virtual makeover, and more. Start your weekend off right with the following games: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic... More
  • Blog Post: Knights Of The Old Republic Works Great On iPad

    After a couple of hours listening to Carth complain about my dubious “kill everyone for no good reason” policy in the just-released iPad adaptation of BioWare’s seminal Star Wars RPG, I can confidently give it several thumbs up as a touchscreen game. This $9.99 purchase is a direct... More
  • Blog Post: Obsidian Wants To Make Another Star Wars RPG

    Obsidian, the developer behind Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, have a pitch for a new Star Wars RPG that it is very excited about. News of Obsidian's new hope for Star Wars comes from an interview with rockpapershotgun.com . The team had a pitch ready for LucasArts before the the company... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Even More People Are Playing The Old Republic

    Bioware has sent us some updated stats on the success of The Old Republic. We were sent some stats on Friday, but at least one of those numbers has already more than doubled. TOR's title as the fastest growing subscription MMO in history has been firmly cemented. Over 60 million in-game hours —... More
  • Blog Post: Star Wars: KOTOR Figure Debuts At Comic Con

    Most of the buzz at the Hasbro both is centered on the Comic Con exclusive Revenge of the Jedi: Death Star Figure Set , but for video game fans, there's another special treat. People who played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic will certainly recall the prodigious Force powers of Bastila Shan... More
  • Blog Post: BioWare's Lost Kung Fu Game

    Before BioWare started creating console sci-fi blockbusters like Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect, studio co-founder Ray Muzyka started making a kung fu game that never saw the light of day. Called Five Fingers of Death, the game would have been a lighthearted combination of Baldur's Gate... More
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