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  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Metal Gear Solid V Or Mad Max?

    We're only about a month away from two of this Fall's big open world titles. On September 1 both Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Mad Mad go on sale. Which one will you be buying first? The editorial staff at GI has been talking a lot about September 1, because that's the release... More
  • Blog Post: Guillermo Del Toro And Kojima Still In Talks To Work Together

    In an interview with IGN , Guillermo del Toro expressed his enthusiasm for working together with Kojima, despite the recent cancellation of Silent Hills . “We are still friends and working into doing something together, but that’s not going to be [Silent Hills],” del Toro said. The... More
  • Blog Post: Metal Gear Solid V Box Art Updated To Remove Kojima Name And Logo

    For months now, rumors of strife between Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima and his longtime publisher, Konami, have been swirling. While comments from both parties intended to assuage fan concern have been issued, other evidence has indicated that not all is well in the relationship. Box art for catalog... More
  • Blog Post: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Will Be Playable At Gamescom

    We’ve seen the videos and you’ve heard us talk about our time with Big Boss’ next adventure. But if you’ll be in Cologne, Germany for Gamescom in August, you’ll finally get to play it yourself. Konami has announced that for the first time, the public will be able to get... More
  • Blog Post: Barca/Brazil Star Neymar Jr. Is PES 2016's Cover Star

    Fresh off of FC Barcelona winning the treble, Brazil captain and world superstar Neymar Jr. will grace the cover of Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. The company has not announced any platforms or a release date, but more details are promised on Friday, June 12. Until then, feast your eyes on this... More
  • Blog Post: Teens React To The Brutal Gauntlet That Is Contra For NES

    Contra for the NES is notoriously difficult – especially for young players who didn't grow up with Nintendo's console. Below, the folks over at React on YouTube have put together a compilation of teens trying out the game for the first time. They don't know the Konami code, or how to... More
  • Blog Post: Ask Kato Anything About Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    There has been plenty of talk about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain recently, but for the wrong reasons. Luckily, I had the opportunity to play a large chunk of the game, and we can start talking about the things that matter with it – the game itself. So ask me what you want to know about... More
  • Blog Post: Following Furor Over Alleged Mobile-Only Future, Konami Says It Will Still Develop For Consoles

    Two weeks ago, an interview with Konami Digital Entertainment president Hideki Hayakawa was published by Japanese outlet Nikkei . During the conversation, Hayakawa was quoted as saying that the company's focus moving forward would be on mobile gaming . Konami has now addressed those statements. Konami... More
  • Blog Post: Konami And Square Enix Are Releasing The Hottest Metal Gear Solid V Figure Yet

    Play Arts Kai has released a gallery of images of the company's latest figurine based on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The Burning Man is a grim-looking person who lives up to his name. If you're fuzzy on the character, don't fret. He might not have the instant name recognition of... More
  • Blog Post: Mega64 Spoofs Konami Hardships In Latest Comedy Skit

    With Konami removing the P.T . demo from the PlayStation Store, rumors of a divorce with Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima, and news that the company is scaling down console development to focus on mobile , it's been a rough few weeks for Konami fans. But it's not all bad. Here to lighten the... More
  • Blog Post: Nevada Will Allow Skill-Based Gambling, And Konami Approves

    Nevada has passed Senate Bill 9, which opens the door for new technology to be incorporated into slot machines. The bill allows skill-based gaming to be incorporated into the design of gambling devices. As an example, all players would receive a base payback amount. Skill-based “bonus rounds”... More
  • Blog Post: Konami Confirms That Mobile Will Be Its Primary Focus Moving Forward

    There has been mounting evidence that Konami is shifting its priority away from console gaming. As we reported earlier this week, the company’s revenues from console titles has dropped 30 percent over the past three years. Now, a direct statement indicates where the company’s new priorities... More
  • Blog Post: Konami Reports Increased Profit, Only One Console Game Listed For Global Release

    Konami closed out its fiscal year with increased operating and net profit. Unfortunately for fans of the publisher’s console games, the division reported reduced sales (though operating income was slightly elevated). On the corporate level, Konami posted profits of ¥9.5 billion ($79.2 million... More
  • Blog Post: Watch The Creator Of Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night Play His Game

    Koji Igarashi, the creator of what many consider the pinnacle of the Castlevania series, sits down with Double Fine to play through the game and add insightful commentary along the way. The Devs Play episode is produced by 2 Player Productions, the talented creators of Double Fine's making-of documentary... More
  • Blog Post: P.T. Completely Removed From PlayStation Store, Cannot Be Re-Downloaded

    Update: Konami has confirmed that P.T. has been completed deleted from the PlayStation Store. "We already announced previously that the distribution period of the P.T. demo was going to expire on Apr.29th," a representative told us via email. "The reasons were that, P.T. was a playable... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] P.T. Fully Removed From PlayStation Store

    Update: The situation has changed, and Konami has completely removed P.T. from the PlayStation Store. For more details, please read this story . Original Story: Fear not, horror fans. You can free up the 1.37 GB of space of that P.T. is taking up on your PlayStation 4 without fear. The playable trailer... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: Download P.T. Before It’s Pulled From The PlayStation Store Forever

    In case you missed the bad news yesterday, Konami has confirmed the cancelation of Silent Hills . The team-up between Hideo Kojima and director Guillermo del Toro is no more, and actor Norman Reedus is also moving on. The confirmation was preceded by an announcement that P.T. (a playable trailer for... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Konami's Voluntary New York Stock Exchange Delisting No Reason To Panic

    Update: Konami has provided an additional comment on the voluntary delisting from the New York Stock Exchange. The extensive statement (and analysis follow). The Company listed its [American Depositary Shares] on the NYSE in September 2002 mainly to diversify its opportunities for fund-raising and to... More
  • Blog Post: Konami Confirms Silent Hills Cancelation, But Series Still Alive

    Konami has had a rough stretch lately. Confusion still surrounds Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima's status with the company. Now, the publisher faces intense scrutiny over the status of another hotly anticipated title. Over the weekend, an alleged comment from director Guillermo del Toro surfaced... More
  • Blog Post: Chewie Puts His Bowcaster To Use In Star Wars: Force Collection's Contra Minigame

    Konami has put a silly little minigame in its Star Wars: Force Collection collectible-card game. Chewbacca gets his own chance to shine thanks to an homage to the company's own NES game, Contra. It features nods to the classic game, including spread shots, spinning jumps, and behind-the-back sections... More
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