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  • Blog Post: Artist Gives Mario Characters A Sonic Boom Redesign

    Earlier this week, Sega unveiled the next entry in the Sonic franchise, Sonic Boom . It offers one of the most substantial redesigns the blue blur has ever experienced, and an artist decided to see how Mario and friends would look with a similar redesign. The piece comes from artist Andrew Dickman who... More
  • Blog Post: Get Two Free Sonic Games With Steam Pre-Purchase Of Sonic Generations

    We just learned that the original Sonic The Hedgehog is an unlockable bonus in Sonic Generations. Just in case that wasn't enough classic Sonic for you, if you pre-purchase Generations from Steam, you also get Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Click here to pre-purchase now, and begin playing... More
  • Blog Post: Original Sonic The Hedgehog Unlockable In Sonic Generations

    Sonic Generations is being billed as a tour of Sonic's digital history, so it's appropriate that the original game would be an unlockable bonus. The existence of the bonus was revealed at a panel during Paris Games Week. Unfortunately, the original is the only classic Sonic that will appear.... More
  • Blog Post: Even Sonic’s Agent Doesn’t Like Tails

    Find out the true history behind how Tails was pushed out of the picture in favor of Knuckles for Sonic's forth game. Several weeks ago we posted a story about how Mario’s agent completely changed history . Well it looks like Mario and Sonic have a lot more in common than their love for the... More
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