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  • Blog Post: Kingdom Hearts Almost Got An Animated Show Adaption

    According to a new video from Did You Know Gaming, Disney pursued a Kingdom Hearts animated show at one time, and it looks like Star Wars may have a place in the series' future. You can check out the video to learn about the animated Kingdom Hearts show, and why Disney and Square Enix decided to... More
  • Blog Post: [Video Added] Big Hero 6 World Confirmed For Kingdom Hearts III

    Update: You won't find any new Kingdom Hearts III gameplay footage, but Disney's Roy Conli appears in a new video to explain some of the reasoning behind Big Hero 6's inclusion in the game. Regarding the Big Hero 6 timeline and where Kingdom Hearts III will overlap with it, Conli says it... More
  • Blog Post: Disney D23 Expo To Feature New Information On Kingdom Hearts III

    The Disney empire has swollen in recent years to include Marvel Comics and Star Wars, making it one of the most powerful entertainment companies on Earth. Next month, fans are invited to gather in Anaheim to celebrate Disney’s past and future at the D23 Expo. Headlining a major event at the Expo... More
  • Blog Post: Custom Keyblade Mashes Up Kingdom Hearts And Zelda

    Sephiroths-Shadow on DeviantArt recently designed and crafted a Zelda keyblade. You can see some close-up images of the finished blade above, but Sephiroths-Shadow has the full creation process posted on their DeviantArt and Facebook page . Sephiroths-Shadow is calling the blade, The Guardian of Hyrule... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Final Fantasy XV Or Kingdom Hearts III?

    Perhaps it's unfair to make a judgement call based on how little we know about each game, but which one are you more excited about? They're arguably the two most anticipated titles on the way from Square Enix, and the two seem to be overlapping more and more. Where Kingdom Hearts began by borrowing... More
  • Blog Post: Kingdom Hearts III Will Conclude The Story, But Not The Franchise

    Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura is promising a worthwhile conclusion for Kingdom Hearts III, but is quick to assure fans that the series will continue. Speaking with the L.A. Times , Nomura discussed the finality that Kingdom Hearts III will bring to fans. He makes clear, however, that just because... More
  • Blog Post: New Final Fantasy XV And Kingdom Hearts III Art

    Two of the bigger game announcements coming out of E3 2013 belonged to Square Enix. The company finally revealed Kingdom Hearts III, while also declaring a shift in a long-absent entry in the Final Fantasy series. The publisher has delivered a new piece of art for Final Fantasy XV (neé Versus... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy XV And Kingdom Hearts III Coming to Xbox One

    Square Enix has announced plans to release two of its action/RPGs on Xbox One as well as PlayStation 4. This news comes after yesterday's announcement that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is now Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III is in development. When we asked Final Fantasy brand director Shinji... More
  • Blog Post: Kingdom Hearts III Finally Announced

    The moment Kingdom Hearts fans have long awaited is here. Today, at the Sony press conference, Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts III is in development.. Ever since the end of Kingdom Hearts II, which released in 2006, fans have been yearning for this entry. Many spin-offs teased Kingdom Hearts III... More
  • Blog Post: Kingdom Hearts 3DS Details Emerge

    Tetsuya Nomura has revealed some interesting tidbits about the upcoming 3D installment of the Disney mash-up franchise. Japanese gaming blog andriasang took a look at Famitsu's latest interview with Nomura, and the blog has kindly passed on the most relevant details to stateside audiences. Fan-favorite... More
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