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  • Blog Post: King Of Fighters XIII Receives Four-Disc Soundtrack Pre-Order Bonus

    Atlus is pretty well-regarded for having great pre-order incentives and special editions, but they're going crazy with their offer for King of Fighters XIII pre-orders. Fans who pre-order at participating retailers will receive a giant four-disc King of Fighters soundtrack collection. These discs... More
  • Blog Post: SNK Debuts Neo Geo Station On PSN

    In order to properly celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Neo Geo, SNK Playmore announced its plans to launch an aptly-named station on PSN. The hub will offer a library of Neo Geo games, available for the PS3 at $8.99 a pop, and PSP for $6.99 each. Some games will be updated to include new features... More
  • Blog Post: King of Fighters XIII Stays Classy With Naughty Ninja Mai

    The jubbliest of ninjas is front and center on a Japanese teaser site for the upcoming The King of Fighters XIII. A huge splashy art piece of fan favorite Mai Shiranui in all of her male wish-fulfillment glory takes almost half of the page's real estate. The lady ninja was omitted from the last King... More
  • Blog Post: Trailer Released For King Of Fighters Movie (Spoiler Alert: It Looks Terrible)

    Try to act surprised when you realize that the King of Fighters movie is going to be terrible. If the very idea of a KoF film starring Maggie Q, Sean Faris, and Ray Park didn't have you convinced this would go straight into the bargain bin, this new trailer should certainly seal the deal. This makes... More
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