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  • Blog Post: Prototype 2 Leads Grim April Sales

    According to U.S. retail tracker NPD, total video game sales in April 2012 fell 32 percent year-over-year from $930 million to $630 million. Physical software sales dropped even harder, from $533.7 million to $307.2 million, a 42 percent decline. Microsoft's Xbox 360 led console sales for the month... More
  • Blog Post: Kinect Star Wars Tops UK Charts

    Don't act surprised. You knew Kinect Star Wars was going to sell. The game topped the UK charts last week, marking the first time a Kinect game has reached the number one slot. Electronic Arts nabbed the next four slots with FIFA Street, Mass Effect, FIFA 12, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. Modern Warfare... More
  • Blog Post: Thanks For Watching Our Kinect Star Wars Live Stream!

    UPDATE: Thanks for watching, everyone! Expect to see plenty more live streams in the future! A handful of Game Informer staffers (including me) are playing Kinect Star Wars for your viewing and mocking pleasure right now! I have no idea how long we'll play the game, but odds are, our lack of coordination... More
  • Blog Post: The Star Wars-Themed Xbox 360 Is Awesome!

    Andy McNamara and I are both seriously considering buying another Xbox 360 just so we can hear R2-D2 chirp whenever we insert a game. This is undoubtedly an expensive collectible, but seeing that we both spend most of our lives in front of our consoles, the price is justified...to an extent. If you're... More
  • Blog Post: Kinect Star Wars Launch Trailer

    It's been a long time coming for Terminal Reality's Kinect Star Wars. After debuting as a proof of concept video at E3 2010, the game is finally coming out next week. Microsoft today released the final trailer for the game, which highlights its co-op lightsaber battles, pod racing, and Rancor... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Spring Showcase 2012 Round-Up

    Microsoft held its Spring Showcase last week, debuting new information on Halo 4, Fable: The Journey, and a bevy of other upcoming Xbox 360 releases. If you need to get caught up, here's a round-up of our coverage on the games and announcements. Click the links below to read the full previews and... More
  • Blog Post: What Dancing In Kinect Star Wars Looks Like

    It was revealed a few months ago that players will be dancing in Kinect Star Wars. Now there's video of what that looks like. As seen on ZoominGames, the dance portion mimics the gameplay found in Dance Central and Just Dance. So far, it seems to only take place in Jabba's Palace where players... More
  • Blog Post: We'll Be Dancing In Kinect Star Wars

    Kinect Star Wars won't just be about smashing cities as a rancor or chopping storm troopers in half with a lightsaber. Microsoft and LucasArts are including dancing segments in Kinect Star Wars, too. According to the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, players will perform activities in the game... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Believes Core Gamers Will Learn To Love Kinect

    Many hardcore gamers were disappointed in Microsoft's E3 2011 press conference and its focus on Kinect titles. The console manufacturer defended that choice today, saying that gamers will warm up to the new motion-sensing device when they get their hands on the core-focused titles they were showing... More
  • Blog Post: Kinect Star Wars Demo Shows Off Battle For Bespin

    From the time the Kinect was first officially named until now, players have been intrigued by the concept of waving a virtual lightsaber. Today at the Microsoft press conference a demo was shown revealing an adventure through a war-ravaged Cloud City. The beginning of the demo showed off scenes previously... More
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