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  • Blog Post: PSN Summer Sale Starts On Tuesday

    A number of games are getting mark-downs on the PlayStation Network in honor of the weather being spectacular. It's warm outside, but don't let that pull you from the warm glow of your television, especially when games like Infamous: Festival of Blood, Shadow of the Colossus, Crysis, and Jurassic... More
  • Blog Post: Buy Killzone 3's Multiplayer Separately

    Next week, you'll be able to buy the multiplayer portion of Killzone 3 without having to purchase the full game. As revealed on the PlayStation Blogcast yesterday, players can download the Killzone 3 multiplayer for free and play until they reach a level cap. After hitting the level cap, it will... More
  • Blog Post: Play Games With The Game Informer Community This Weekend

    Got big plans this weekend? Who are you kidding, you’re going to be planning games just like the rest of us, so you might as well play online with the rest of the Game Informer Community. FragFest 5 , a Game Informer Online Community driven event, will be taking place this Saturday, June 25th starting... More
  • Blog Post: Killzone 3's From The Ashes DLC & Bundle Pack

    Sony and Guerrilla Games have detailed Killzone 3's From the Ashes DLC, which features 4 new online multiplayer maps (two Guerrilla Warfare and two Warzone ones). From the Ashes comes out on Tuesday, June 21 for $4.99, but you can also buy it as part of the Bundle Pack, which features From the Ashes... More
  • Blog Post: Earn Double XP In Killzone 3 This Weekend

    To welcome players back to the newly restored PlayStation Network and Killzone 3 multiplayer, Sony had declared a Double XP weekend. The promotion has already started and will run through 3AM Monday morning. During that time, you'll earn double the XP in all online multiplayer matches. The blog post... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Moves 8 Million Moves, 50 Million PS3s Worldwide

    Sony sent out a press release today trumpeting a milestone for its PlayStation Move controller. More than eight million Move controllers have been shipped worldwide. While the release didn't provide specific numbers, it did say that Move accessories like the PlayStation Eye camera, Move navigation... More
  • Blog Post: Free Killzone 3 DLC For PlayStation Plus Members

    Killzone 3's Steel Rain DLC featuring two multiplayer maps inspired by the single player is coming out on April 12, and Sony and developer Guerrilla Games have just announced that it'll be free to PlayStation Plus members. This offer is only valid for Plus members through May 10, and the DLC... More
  • Blog Post: Custom Killzone 3 Matches Coming Via New Update

    Guerrilla Games has announced that it will be releasing Patch 1.07 for Killzone 3 tomorrow. So, what exactly does Patch 1.07 do? As it turns out, a lot of things. Guerrilla Games listed a full rundown of what the patch entails in a post on its forum. As far as the custom multiplayer game support goes... More
  • Blog Post: Pachter: Xbox Over PS3 Again In 2011

    Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter sees Microsoft's platform maintaining its lead over Sony's through 2011. Speaking with IndustryGamers , Pachter declared the $200 price point the magic number that Sony has to hit to jump-start its market share. Microsoft already offers a hard drive-less... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Kinect Work Poorly With Killzone 3

    If you didn't think this was bound to happen eventually, then you've underestimated the ability of Kinect hackers. Someone has finally got Microsoft's motion-tracking device working on a PlayStation 3. See the results for yourself. This inevitable Kinect hack is demonstrated in the video... More
  • Blog Post: Stay Clean-Shaven And Nab Infamous 2, Killzone 3, And GT5 DLC

    Have you been mulling over a way to stay clean-shaven and improve your game? PlayStation is teaming up with Schick for a cross-promotion, offering up free DLC to those who purchase its products. Special edition Edge Shave Gel and Schick Quatro products will boast Killzone 3, Gran Turismo 5, and Infamous... More
  • Blog Post: Guerrilla Staying Vigilant Against PS3 Hackers In Killzone 3

    The absurd rise of hackers on the PlayStation 3 has gamers and developers concerned alike. Killzone 3 players hopefully won't need to worry, though, as developer Guerrilla Games has pledged to "aggressively" watch the new game's servers. Guerrilla producer Steven Ter Heide told CVG... More
  • Blog Post: Review Round-Up: Killzone 3, Bulletstorm, And More

    It's a big final week of February as far as game releases go, with heavy hitters like Killzone 3 and Bulletstorm arriving alongside quirkier titles like Radiant Historia, Knights Contract, and De Blob 2. What should you be spending your money on? Check our review round-up to find out! Enjoy the excerpts... More
  • Blog Post: New Killzone 3 Video Introduces The Engineer

    Guerrilla Games' upcoming sci-fi shooter Killzone 3 isn't just about shooting your enemies into tiny little pieces. In order to survive on the battlefield, you've got to use your brain. Lucky for you we've got an educational film that will teach you everything you need to know about one... More
  • Blog Post: Killzone, Bulletstorm, De Blob--Weekly Roundup 2/21

    This is a week that could make your wallet sore, if you're not careful. Shooter fans have two excellent options this week in Bulletstorm and Killzone 3. The Dreamcast Collection compilation gives retro fans a reason to cheer (though with only four games on it, don't feel the need to scream too... More
  • Blog Post: Kevin Butler Demonstrates Killzone 3 With Shenanigans

    Sony has released two new Kevin Butler commercials to sell the upcoming Killzone 3, and once again the company's VP of Everything delivers some chuckles. Warning: the following videos contain goofy behavior! More
  • Blog Post: Sony Introduces Killzone 3 PS3 Bundle

    To celebrate the February 22nd release of the game, Sony is also putting out a PS3 bundle with the game. The bundle features a 160GB PS3 and the game for $299.99. Although it's a relatively bare-bones bundle, at least you're getting the game for what amounts to free. If you're interested... More
  • Blog Post: Killzone 3 Army Men Illustrate Perilous Odds

    A small scale invasion was waged in the Game Informer offices today. We received a small package containing classic army men modeled after the grunts of Killzone 3. Cleverly communicating the odds in Killzone 3 there were 10 Hellghast in the package... and one I.S.A soldier. The container, which looks... More
  • Blog Post: Killzone 3 Leaked Online

    It seems Crysis 2 isn't the lone victim of leaky games in recent days, as Killzone 3 has made its way to torrent sites in both 3D and non-3D form. Killzone 3 isn't due out until February 22, but gamers lacking morals can get their grubby hands on the European version of Guerrilla Game's FPS... More
  • Blog Post: Killzone 3 Multiplayer Demo Hits Tomorrow

    The Killzone 3 multiplayer "beta" download was supposed to be available on PS3s today, February 2. If you're a Killzone fan then you've probably already realized it isn't on PlayStation Network yet. That's because the beta now starts tomorrow. Hop on your PlayStation 3 tomorrow... More
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