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  • Blog Post: Don't Forget About Game Informer's 2013 Extra Life Live Stream

    We haven't been keeping our involvement with Extra Life much of a secret , but that's because it's for a good cause. Come play some games with us tomorrow and raise some money for children's hospitals. Tomorrow at 9am CST, the Game Informer editors, interns, and friends will be participating... More
  • Blog Post: Study Says Exergaming Is Good For Kids

    Exergaming has become a hot buzzword in the industry, as evidenced by the success of motion control systems like Wii, PlayStation Move, and Kinect and strong sales of games like Wii Fit and Zumba Fitness. Now, a new study suggest that children who play active, motion control games can see positive health... More
  • Blog Post: THQ Stepping Back From Kids' Movie Cash Ins

    THQ has seemingly built a financial foundation with its kids' games based on popular movie licenses, but CEO Brian Farrell says that the company is changing that strategy for the future due to waning sales. Farrell says that the company isn't abandoning material aimed at a younger audience –... More
  • Blog Post: Handheld Gaming On The Rise With Kids

    We thought video gaming on the go was already pretty big among those too short to drive, but according to a recent NPD report, not only is portable gaming big with those between the ages of 4-14, but sales for portable gaming units continue to rise. According to the NPD study, 44 percent of kids age... More
  • Blog Post: Codec Chatter: Tim Schafer

    In our fourth installment of Codec Chatter, we talk to Tim Schafer right before his Brutal Legend is set to launch. Schafer talks about writing for his heroes, how fatherhood has changed his outlook and, of course, heavy metal. At this point, the game’s coming out in less than a week. Is this a... More
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