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  • Blog Post: More Than Half Of PlayStation 4 Owners Have PlayStation Plus

    Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai has shared new details about the attach rate for PlayStation Plus with PlayStation 4 owners. If you own Sony’s new console, there’s a better than coin-flip chance you also pay for the company’s subscription service. The news comes by way of Sony’s third quarter... More
  • Blog Post: PS4 May Allow Cross Platform Gameplay With Phones

    The new PlayStation may offer gamers a chance to try out cloud-streaming technology, allowing developers to run software on server systems and stream it off the internet. Kazuo Hirai, Sony Chief Executive, took lead in a deal to purchase Gaikai Inc., the game in development using the new “cloud... More
  • Blog Post: Was Move Planned For PS3 From The Start?

    When Sony announced the PlayStation Move, most gamers wrote it off as a cheap attempt to cash in on Nintendo's success with motion-based controllers. But is that the truth? Not if you believe Sony's president and CEO, Kazuo Hirai. In a recent interview with The Telegraph , Hirai states that Move... More
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