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  • Blog Post: Go Behind The Scenes Of Quantic Dream's Impressive Kara Video

    Valorie Curry, the actress who performed the role of the titular android in the video that made waves at GDC, is highlighted in this short behind-the-scenes film. The German and French parts, as well as the Japanese song, were performed by different actresses and grafted onto Curry's performance... More
  • Blog Post: David Cage Goes Behind Quantic Dream's Kara GDC Demo

    Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream's Kara engine demo is making waves across the Internet, and studio co-founder David Cage answers questions about it in a new video. The interview comes from the European PlayStation Blog and covers building a new game engine from scratch, advancements in performance... More
  • Blog Post: Heavy Rain Dev Shows Off New Game Engine

    At his "Technologies To Support Emotion" talk at GDC, Quantic Dream's David Cage showed off a year-old demo of the company's new "Kara" motion capture engine. What we saw during the presentation was running in-game on Kara v1, but he says it's 50% more powerful in its... More
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