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  • Blog Post: Abandoned Half-Life Episode Featured Magnet Gun, Warren Spector Says

    It's not every day that we get to write news about Half-Life, but we do today. We have new details about video game legend Warren Spector's role in a ditched Half-Life project. Warren Spector is one of the most influential developers in video game history, with each of his games (Deus Ex, System... More
  • Blog Post: Warren Spector Bids Farewell To Junction Point Studios In Farewell Letter

    Junction Point Studios, the developer behind the Epic Mickey franchise, has unfortunately closed , and Warren Spector shared some final words about the studio's legacy. Over on Spector's Facebook page , he wrote up a heartfelt letter reflecting on his time working on Epic Mickey. You can read... More
  • Blog Post: More Bad News For Disney Interactive?

    According to a report, there are more layoffs involving Disney Interactive – 50 staffers have apparently been let go across different locations. An LA Times report says that the news comes from a "knowledgable person not authorized to discuss the matter publicly." This happend yesterday... More
  • Blog Post: Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two Headed To PC/Mac

    Disney's Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is headed to PC in addition to Xbox 360, Wii, and PlayStation 3. The publisher confirmed to Game Informer this afternoon there will in fact be a PC/Mac hybrid version of the game. No other details, such as relese date, were provided at this time. Epic Mickey... More
  • Blog Post: Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two Announced

    Epic Mickey is getting a sequel, and it's coming to Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 this fall. Epic Mickey: The Power of Two addresses many of the complaints the original had. Speaking to the Associated Press, Junction Point Studios boss Warren Spector said he's fixing the camera placement in... More
  • Blog Post: Disney Epic Mickey 2 In Development?

    According to supposed leaked online marketing materials dug up by a Destructoid reader, it would appear that Disney Interactive Studios is giving Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit a second shot in Disney Epic Mickey 2. Along with four potential box art designs for the game, a detailed description... More
  • Blog Post: Warren Spector Says Reviewers "Misunderstood" Epic Mickey

    Games get bad review scores all the time because they are a lot of bad games out there. But when it's something as high profile as Epic Mickey – look out. Warren Spector has come out swinging defending the game, relying on the age-old crutch that game reviewers misundestood it. In an interview... More
  • Blog Post: Behold the New Epic Mickey Trailer!

    People can't get enough Epic Mickey coverage, and here's a trailer from Disney showing off a number of the game's worlds, characters, and gameplay mechanics. Enjoy. If you're interested in finding out more about the game, take a look at the opening cinematic here . More
  • Blog Post: Epic Mickey Dated

    At long last you'll be able to get your hands on Epic Mickey on the Wii come November 30. If this announcement has you excited, check out the first two parts of the game's opening cinematic here and here . They detail how Mickey comes to be in the game's strange setting, as well as the introduction... More
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