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  • Blog Post: Twelve Popular T-Shirt Designs Return

    Most T-shirt designs offered through daily sales on TeeFury.com are only available for a limited time. During these twenty-four hour sales, the featured design is available for just $11. Once the sale ends, that design is available for the regular price of $18 for a few more hours. Once those hours are... More
  • Blog Post: Star Wars: The Old Republic Collectors Edition Unboxing

    Want to know what comes inside the collector’s edition of Star Wars: The Old Republic? Better yet, want to see what’s in it? Check out this slick unboxing video direct from EA. Priced at $149.99, The Star Wars: The Old Republic Collectors Edition includes: Exclusive Gentle Giant Darth Malgus... More
  • Blog Post: Jedi Knight Vs. Bounty Hunter In The Old Republic Trailer

    It’s fun to watch titans face off against each other. In BioWare’s newest video for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Jedi Knight goes toe-to-toe with a Bounty Hunter. Here is the first of BioWare ’s new Choose Your Side video series, which show off The Old Republic’s character classes... More
  • Blog Post: Force Unleashed II Doc Shows Crazy Force Powers

    The first Force Unleashed game featured some pretty amazing displays of the force, but Starkiller 1.0 apparently has nothing on his latest version. In the following video documentary, the team at LucasArts highlights some of the new combat abilities at the player's command, including enhanced versions... More
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