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  • Blog Post: Oculus Hires Valve’s Former Steam Boss As Head Of Platform

    Jason Holtman was once the man at the top of PC gaming’s most powerful platform. He left Valve in February 2013 and ended up at Microsoft for a short stint . Now, he’s been hired to join a number of his former Valve colleagues at Oculus VR. Holtman will serve as Oculus’ head of platform... More
  • Blog Post: Former Steam Head Jason Holtman Leaves Microsoft

    Jason Holtman was the head of Valve's PC game distribution platform, Steam, but he left last February and later accepted a position with Microsoft. A little over six months after accepting the job with Microsoft, Holtman has left the company. We reached out to Microsoft for confirmation after there... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Picks Up Former Steam Head Jason Holtman

    Former head of Valve's Steam distribution platform Jason Holtman has a new home. He's recently taken a position with Microsoft focused on the PC side of the gaming equation. During his eight-year tenure leading Steam, Holtman was responsible for managing relationships with developers. He departed... More
  • Blog Post: Valve and Blizzard Defend PC Platform, Diss Console Flexiblity

    In a GDC discussion panel titled "The Connected Future of Games," Valve director of business development Jason Holtman and Blizzard executive vice president Rob Pardo made strong arguments championing the PC platform's flexibility and deriding the rigid framework of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation... More
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