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  • Blog Post: Japanese PSone Rarity Hyper Crazy Climber Coming To PSN

    Monkey Paw Games is bringing the import-only original PlayStation game Hyper Crazy Climber to U.S. gamers for the first time. Hyper Crazy Climber was released in 1996 for the Japanese PlayStation by Nihon Bussan. It was a sequel of sorts to the 1980 arcade game Crazy Climber. Hyper Crazy Climber used... More
  • Blog Post: Opinion – Xbox One's Uphill Race To Catch PlayStation 4

    If Microsoft wants the Xbox One to have a larger worldwide install base than the PlayStation 4, it will face a harder road than it did in the last generation. Microsoft's Xbox 360 was the defining console of the last generation in North America. A year head start, lower initial price point, and games... More
  • Blog Post: Classic Games Combined With Feudal Japan Make For Great Art

    What happens when you combine classic 80s video games with a classic Japanese art style? You get these killer pieces of Mario, Mega Man, and other gaming characters as samurai from artist xiaobaosg. In a collection of pieces called the “80s Warrior’s Record,” xiaobaosg tackles several... More
  • Blog Post: PS4 Now On Sale In Japan

    While North American gamers have been playing Sony's newest console since November, the company held off releasing the unit in its native country. Today, Japan's wait for the PS4 is over. The addition of a new territory can only help Sony's strong sales , though some Japanese gamers are undoubtedly... More
  • Blog Post: Artist Imagines Katamari Damacy In A Different Era Of Japan

    Katamari Damacy is possibly the most Japanese game ever to be fully embraced by North America. I'm surprised I haven't seen an artist re-imagine the game's art style in the one popularized during feudal Japan already. The King of the Cosmos' concerned look over the Prince's progress... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation 4 Hits One Million Sold In 24 Hours

    The PlayStation 4 is off to a strong start with Sony reporting that one million systems have already been sold within the first 24 hours of the console's availability. These numbers mark only the North American sales numbers for the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 won't be available in most... More
  • Blog Post: Report: GTA V Had The Best Launch Of Any Grand Theft Auto Game In Japan

    We've been joyriding through Los Santos for more than a month, but Japan only got its localized version last week, and it performed well. The Grand Theft Auto series does not command the same popularity in Japan as it does in North America, but it still posted some respectable numbers. According... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Release Date Announced For Japan, But Not North America

    Square Enix has finally unveiled a Japanese release date for the PlayStation 3 and Vita Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD re-releases, but it still hasn't announced its North American plans. The games will be available in Japan on December 26. The PlayStation 3 game is packaged X and X-2 on one disc. The... More
  • Blog Post: The Crazy Sights Of TGS 2013: Day Three

    For the first day of the Tokyo Game Show 2013 , I gave you an overview of the show floor. On day two of the show , Kim Wallace channeled her JRPG fanaticism to deliver a more informed viewpoint on TGS titles that may be more obscure to U.S. gamers. Day three of TGS is open to the public, and with it... More
  • Blog Post: The Crazy Sights Of TGS 2013: Day One

    Big video games conventions are all about spectacle. The Tokyo Game Show isn't jam packed with big booths and thumping music like E3, but it has its share of zaniness. I took a stroll through multiple show floor halls at the Makuhari Messe convention center today and thought I'd share my journey... More
  • Blog Post: Yakuza Restoration Announced For Japan

    The next entry in the Yakuza series has been announced in Japan, with very few accompanying details. The game is called Yakuza Ishin, or Yakuza Restoration. It stars the fellow below who goes by the name Ryoma Sakamoto. Platform, release date, whether or not it will make it to North America are all unknowns... More
  • Blog Post: Domo Jump Out Now For iOS

    Domo-kun is one of those Japanese creations where you either get it or you don't, much like Doraemon and Hello Kitty. Thankfully, you don't really have to "get" Domo-kun to download Domo Jump, the latest game featuring the eternally grimacing creature for iOS. Just as the title implies... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Pikmin 3's Japan Sales Numbers Are In

    Pikmin 3's success is an important metric for the Wii U. The console has seen disappointing sales due to a dearth of exciting games, but Pikmin 3 could turn that around. Pikmin 3 released on Saturday July 13 in Japan, so as of today the game has been available overseas for a full week. Update: The... More
  • Blog Post: Dynasty Warriors 8 Xbox 360 Patch On The Way

    The Xbox 360 version of Dynasty Warriors 8 has some slowdown issues, but Tecmo Koei is working on a patch to make the game run smoother. Tecmo Koei released this statement in regard to the upcoming patch: We have received your feedback regarding the slowdown issues for Dynasty Warriors 8 (Xbox 360 version... More
  • Blog Post: Free E-Reader Software Coming To 3DS In Japan

    A major Japanese printing company, recognizing the popularity of the 3DS, is bringing e-book software to the handheld gaming system. Dai Nippon Printing is planning on focusing the software and its related books towards children, the main owners of 3DSs. The software will be free to download, and the... More
  • Blog Post: Report: The Last Of Us Sells Well In Japan

    The Last of Us is a game from American developers that takes place in real-world America locations, but it is still being embraced by Japanese audiences. According to a report from Siliconera , The Last of Us sold 117,465 during its first week of release in Japan, which is about 88% of its initial shipment... More
  • Blog Post: The Creator Of Mega Man Released A Game About Killing Bugs With Tanks

    Previously only available in Japan, Bugs vs. Tanks! for the 3DS has now made its way to North America. Created by Keiji Inafune, designer of games like Mega Man and Onimusha, Bugs vs. Tanks! is an action shooter that follows a shrunken tank battalion during World War II. Though the video below reminds... More
  • Blog Post: Ni No Kuni Developer Announces Three Smartphone Titles

    Level-5, developer of Professor Layton, Dark Cloud, and Ni No Kuni, is creating three new games for iOS and Android devices. The bad news? As of now, they’re releasing in Japan only. One game, Chikyu Kaimetsu teki B-kyo Kanojo, will be available in August. The other two, Wonder Flick and Majin... More
  • Blog Post: Superhuman Gaming Feats In DanceDanceRevolution X3

    We thought Kevin Bacon's footwork in Footloose was impressive, but this player's fancy dancing just blew our mind. He plays DanceDanceRevolution X3 on the highest difficulty level, which requires the use of both dance pads. Watch Takaske of Japan perform some incredible footwork to Paranoia Revolution... More
  • Blog Post: Inafune: "Words Are Not Enough"

    Keiji Inafune, former Capcom developer and industry luminary, has once again spoken candidly about his view that Japanese development studios are behind their Western counterparts. "Some developers are saying [the] Japanese game industry is still doing fine, but that's wishful thinking,"... More
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