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  • Blog Post: Learn How Darksiders And Battle Chasers Artist Joe Madureira Influenced Jak & Daxter's Look

    The latest entry in the Did You Know Gaming video series takes a look at Naughty Dog's Jak & Daxter franchise, and showcases some interesting concept art work. Along with providing an overview of the series' development, the video also showcases some of the early concept art that eventually... More
  • Blog Post: Here's What A Jak & Daxter Level Looks Like Remade In CryEngine

    YouTube user Floordan is working on a project called Jak II Renegade: Reborn, and has recreated the pumping station from Jak II using CryEngine. You can check out the screens above and below comparing the the new and old versions of the game. If you're unsure which screen belongs to which version... More
  • Blog Post: A Look At Naughty Dog's Abandoned Jak And Daxter Reboot

    In February 2012, we had the opportunity to talk with Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann about an abandoned reboot of Jak and Daxter . Today we finally get a look at some of the concept art the studio was working on. The images come by way of Druckmann's recent IGDA talk captured by Toronto radio station... More
  • Blog Post: Jak & Daxter Statue First In New PlayStation All-Stars Line

    Gaming Heads has revealed the first statue in its Sony PlayStation All-Stars themed line, a 15-inch tall tribute to Jak & Daxter. It's fitting that the collectible series is launching with a nod to Naughty Dog's pair. The PS2 games still stand as high watermarks of the hardware platform,... More
  • Blog Post: Jak & Daxter Retrospective Looks Back On The Series And The New HD Collection

    Sony and 2 Player Productions have put together an interesting retrospective on the development of the original Jak & Daxter and its recent complicated translation to the PlayStation 3. The 18-minute documentary has interviews with the original Naughty Dog founders and Jak and Daxter creators Andrew... More
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