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  • Blog Post: Ex-Sony CEO Jack Tretton Will Analyze E3 Press Conferences For Spike TV

    Sony's Jack Tretton had been the master of ceremonies for the company's E3 press conferences in recent years. Now, he'll be commentating on all the major E3 press conferences for Spike. The news came today via a tweet from Spike TV's video game correspondent and Gametrailers TV host Geoff... More
  • Blog Post: Jack Tretton Resigns As Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO

    Jack Tretton, who has been with Sony Computer Entertainment America since its founding in 1995, has stepped down from his role as CEO. The move comes after the launch of the PlayStation 4, which has sold over six million units to date . Tretton will leave his role on April 1, 2014. "Working at SCEA... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Not Pressured By Wii U To Rush PS4 Announcement

    Nintendo’s announcement of the Wii U during E3 2011 this year marked the first of the three console manufacturers to present new hardware. Maybe you’d think a fire has been lit under the rear of Sony to get a new game machine out there, but such is not the case. Sony boss Jack Tretton recently... More
  • Blog Post: Sony's Jack Tretton Delivers Apology For PSN Outage

    The Sony press conference kicked off with a message from SCEA president and CEO Jack Tretton regarding the obvious elephant in the room -- the PlayStation Network outage. Tretton delivered an apology to third parties for the cost of the outage to their businesses and thanked them as well as retail partners... More
  • Blog Post: [Update]: Sony Clarifies Timing of PSN Meltdown

    [Update]: Sony has responded to Connecticut senator Richard Blumenthal and the rest of the world's questioning of how and when the company responded to the PSN crisis. On the Official PlayStation Blog , Patrick Seybold, senior director of corporate communications and social media, clarified the timing... More
  • Blog Post: Sony's Tretton Sounds Off On Tech & the Competition

    Sony has promised long lives for its consoles, and it would love for the PlayStation 3 to have as long of a reign as the PS2. Sony of America CEO Jack Tretton says that the staying power of some of its systems is thanks to the forward-looking technology it puts under the hood – something he says... More
  • Blog Post: Sony's Tretton Suggests NGP Will Have Higher Than Expected Price

    If you've been following our coverage of Sony's NGP handheld, you'll remember that most of the official comments from company executives have suggested that unit would be affordable. This was thought to be a response to the early struggles of the PS3, which launched at $599. In previous stories... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Moves 1 Million Move Units In U.S., Latin America

    Today SCEA reports the company has shipped more than one million Move units in North and Latin America in its first month. "PlayStation Move is the most recent example of how product innovation continues to provide our customers with new and exciting ways to enjoy our technology,” says SCEA... More
  • Blog Post: Netflix Coming Next Month To PS3

    According to a press release from the movie rental behemoth Netflix, PlayStation 3 will soon join the ranks of the Xbox 360 with the ability to instantly stream movies through the console. "The PlayStation 3 system has always been about more than just gaming and it will soon be the only platform... More
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