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  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Do You Like The Nintendo Direct Format?

    Nintendo Directs are here to stay, it seems. Do you like to watch them live? Often video game news (outside of big trade shows) comes in small bursts. An announcement here, a reveal there – but Nintendo likes to unveil a whole bunch of stuff at once, and it does it every few months. Do you enjoy... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Can 'Do Whatever It Wants,' Says Iwata On Plans Outside Of Gaming

    A while back , Nintendo announced that it was creating a new division within the company focused on consumer health and quality of life. According to CEO and president Satoru Iwata, the move was an example of how while the company has made a name for itself with games, it sees itself as providing more... More
  • Blog Post: Take A Tour Of The Louvre With Your 3DS

    For over a year, people visiting the Louvre could rent the 3DS systems as audio guides . Now, 3DS owners can take a virtual tour of the museum from their home with the Nintendo 3DS Guide: Louvre. The virtual guide offers an interactive map, hundreds of artwork and 3D photos of the museum, and almost... More
  • Blog Post: The Wonderful 101 Multiplayer Explained

    Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed multiplayer details for Platinum Games' The Wonderful 101 at today's Nintendo Direct address. The game will feature five-player cooperative multiplayer, which each player controlling his or her own group of heroes. By drawing out symbols on the Wii U gamepad... More
  • Blog Post: Super Mario 3D World Revealed

    During this morning's Nintendo Direct E3 broadcast, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata unveiled Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U. Iwata said the game represents the "next step forward" in the style of Mario game that began with Super Mario 3D Land. It features multiplayer with up to four... More
  • Blog Post: Firmware And MiiVerse Updates And A Smartphone App Coming Soon For Wii U

    Nintendo has plans to update the Wii U and the MiiVerse to make to system run faster and increase usability. Two updates are currently planned, one in the Spring and one in the Summer. Along with adding new features, it should make software launch faster and allow users to return the the Wii U home menu... More
  • Blog Post: Watch All Of Nintendo's Pre E3 Video

    We've pulled a number of news stories from the live stream of Nintendo's pre E3 video, but here's your opportunity to check out the video for yourself. Posted on Nintendo's YouTube page, in the video Nintendo's president Saturo Iwata talks about the changes to the Wii U controller... More
  • Blog Post: Check Out This Very Confusing Trailer For Kiki Trick

    Wario Ware has always been a very strange, very entertaining, often confusing game. This video featuring the new game from the team behind Wario Ware wins the confusing contest. A translation would probably help create some understanding, but certainly not all of it. There are live action panda bears... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Working To Support DLC

    One of the biggest innovations of this hardware generation is DLC. Developers can expand the life of their games and make some extra money…unless it's a Wii game. Fortunately, it looks like Nintendo's stance on DLC is changing. According to a report from Andriasang , Nintendo CEO Satoru... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo President Takes Pay Cut In Wake Of 3DS' Troubles

    The 3DS has grabbed headlines recently, though not in the way the Nintendo would have wanted. The troubled device will be getting a price cut in August, dropping from $249.99 to $169.99. The move means Nintendo will be losing money on the hardware, which in turn effects the company's earnings forecast... More
  • Blog Post: Offering A Superior Online Experience "Not Our Goal," Says Miyamoto

    Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC owners have been enjoying excellent online play for years, but Nintendo's online offerings have typically left a bad taste in gamers' mouths. Those hoping for a significant improvement once the Wii U comes out might be disappointed to hear a recent Shigeru Miyamoto... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Says Wii U Won't Play DVD Or Blu-ray Movies

    Nintendo's recently announced Wii U looked as though it held the capability of being a multimedia powerhouse, with Nintendo's on-stage E3 presentation showing the device displaying videos and photos on a television and the unit's built-in LCD screen. According to company president Satoru... More
  • Blog Post: Iwata Speaks About Industry Concerns

    Aside from revealing a slew of news this morning pertaining to Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata touched on several other topics, including his concerns for the future of the industry. His concerns are threefold. First, Iwata worries that as games become larger in scale and... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo's Iwata To Keynote GDC 2011

    Nintendo President Satoru Iwata is all set to keynote this year's Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco, which runs from February 28 to March 4. Hey, that's right before the expected 3DS launch! The speech is titled "Video Games Turn 25: A Historical Perspective and Vision for... More
  • Blog Post: Wii Price Cut Not Happening Soon

    With Microsoft and Sony entering the motion-driven gaming space, you might think that Nintendo would try to undermine its competitors by dropping the Wii's price. Well, keep dreaming. While Nintendo plans to offer special bargains through various retailers as we approach the holidays, the company's... More
  • Blog Post: 3DS Firmware Updates May Enhance Functionality, Fight Piracy

    A story about firmware updates may seem a little underwhelming after yesterday’s exciting news about the 3DS’s release date and price , along with the announcement of a Gameboy-flavored virtual console . However, their firmware plans for the future carry extra weight considering Nintendo’s... More
  • Blog Post: You Are To Blame For The 3DS Price Point

    This week, Nintendo announced that the 3DS will cost 25,000 Japanese yen (about $300). Does that seem a little too expensive to you? Then maybe you shouldn't have been so excited about the device after its E3 reveal. Speaking to Bloomberg (via andriasang ), Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata explained that... More
  • Blog Post: Iwata Speaks On New Nintendo Handheld, Zelda Iteration

    Speaking to Japanese newspaper Ashahi Shimbun, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata let loose some new details about the company’s game plan for 2010. Iwata divulged that one of Nintendo’s larger priorities for the new year is to augment the number of DS WiFi hotspots throughout Japan, partnering... More
  • Blog Post: Iwata Pushing For WiiWare Demos

    Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata was frank at a recent earnings briefing, in which he told investors that demos for WiiWare products could help to increase sales. Via IGN we learned that Iwata and Nintendo intend to start testing a new WiiWare demo service sometime this month, starting with only a handful of... More
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