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  • Blog Post: Homemade Dead Space Plasma Cutter Does Almost Everything Isaac's Does

    It can't cut through limbs, but it rotates and burns wood. It's about as close as it can get to Isaac's plasma cutter without the government getting involved and proclaiming it a dangerous weapon. It really is impressive. You can see it in the video below. It was created by Laser-Gadgets... More
  • Blog Post: Zeus And Isaac Clarke Coming To PlayStation All-Stars

    PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale is adding a couple of high-profile character to its roster, God of War's Zeus and Dead Space's Isaac Clarke. The game is also adding a new level that combines the worlds of The Unfinished Swan and MediEvil. In celebrations of the recent Dead Space 3 and the... More
  • Blog Post: Get Caught Up On Dead Space With A Recap Video

    Electronics Arts has released a recap video that summarizes the first two Dead Space games just in time for Dead Space 3. This doesn't cover the entirety of the Dead Space story, as that exists in movies, books, and even other games, but this will give you a good idea of what Isaac Clarke has gone... More
  • Blog Post: Square Enix Reveals Play Arts Kai Figure For Dead Space 3's Isaac Clarke

    Dead Space 3 hits store shelves tomorrow for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. We won't know of the game's quality until tomorrow (Tim's review goes up at 8:00 AM), but toy manufacturer's are banking on a hit. Square Enix is releasing a Play Arts Kai figure of Isaac Clarke in his snow... More
  • Blog Post: Visceral Reveals Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition

    Visceral studios recently announced the ultimate edition of Dead Space 3, complete with a replica marker, datapad, and even your own med pack for close calls. The Dev Team Edition is crafted with the most hardcore Dead Space fans in mind, so take a look and see if it's for you. The Dev Team Edition... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 3 Demo Detailed & The Story So Far

    Electronic Arts released a three-minute video that recaps Dead Space's fiction prior to the events in Dead Space 3. I would avoid this video if you haven't played through the first two games yet, as spoilers abound, but, if you've already played the games, and are looking for a quick refresher... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 3 Dev Blog Highlights Dementia, Alternate Perspectives

    Dead Space 3's latest developer blog " Dead Space, Dementia, and Punishing the Heroes ," talks about the Markers, and how they affect protagonists Isaac Clarke and John Carver in different ways. Senior production designer Ben Wanat says Isaac's previous contact with the Markers will... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space's Isaac Clarke Joins Kotobukiya's ARTFX Statue Line

    Scheduled to hit store shelves next June, Kotobukiya's Isaac Clarke statue stands in at just over 12" in height and features LED lights in the helmet, backpack, and glove. This statue is based on Isaac Clarke's winterized Dead Space 3 design. Someone just needs to tell Isaac that he has... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 3 Co-op Revealed

    Update: EA has released a new trailer for the game, which shows off co-op and a host of other highlights. Original Story: During Electronic Arts’ E3 2012 press conference, the publisher showed off two-player co-op in Visceral Games’ new horrorfest, Dead Space 3. The company also revealed... More
  • Blog Post: Report: More Dead Space 3 Plot Details Surface

    Last week we told you the rumor that Dead Space 3 could be set on a frozen planet . Today we have more details have emerged regarding Isaac’s Clarke’s new mission, wanted status, and fractured mind. Dead Space 2 spoilers and potential Dead Space 3 spoilers follow: Allegedly Isaac is assigned... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Dead Space 3 To Be Set On Ice Planet

    Isaac Clarke on Hoth? Maybe. The recent scuttlebutt on Dead Space 3 may reveal the new location and some major plot points for the sequel. If this ends up being true, keep in mind that the following information will contain spoilers . Siliconera claims to have word from a trusted source that Isaac crash... More
  • Blog Post: What Would Batman Look Like In Dead Space?

    Before you say that a Batman and Dead Space crossover would never happen, remember that Batman has battled a Predator, Judge Dredd, Spawn, Aliens, Doc Savage, and Tarzan. The idea doesn't seem so far fetched now does it? I should also point out that The Punisher made an appearance in the Archie Comics'... More
  • Blog Post: Behind The Scenes Of Dead Space: Aftermath

    While both Dead Space 2 and Dead Space: Aftermath are readily available on retail shelves, EA continues to promote the franchise with a behind-the-scenes look at making of the animated feature. In the video below, key team members describe the inspiration behind Aftermath’s fractured storytelling... More
  • Blog Post: Celebrate Dead Space 2's Launch With A Lesson On Lighting

    Dead Space is one of the more atmospheric series around, and a great deal of that is courtesy of the game's lighting. Environments are often ruined, strobe-lit places, and players often manage to freak themselves out by imagining the horrors that may be lurking in the shadows. In this new developer... More
  • Blog Post: New Trailer Shows Dead Space's Isaac Clarke In Dragon Age II

    Isaac Clarke has already tackled the horrors of space, now he's set to travel to the more mystical realm of BioWare's Dragon Age II. He's been written into the lore of the game as Ser Isaac of Clarke, and players who buy EA's Dead Space 2 before March 31 will be able to unlock a special... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 2 Duds Hitting Battlefield Heroes

    EA's free-to-play shooter Battlefield Heroes pays the bills by offering players a load of extra customization options, and the wardrobe is about to get a little bigger. A pair of Dead Space 2 outfits are set to hit the game, including the Titan Security Set and the CEC Advanced Set. They don't... More
  • Blog Post: Bridge The Gap With This Dead Space 2 Story Trailer

    With Dead Space 2’s release drawing nearer, Visceral feels it’s time for you to brush up on some deep space lore. This newest trailer details the fall of earth, the rise of planet crackers, and the discovery of the red marker. Continuing on to bridge the gap between Dead Space: Extraction... More
  • Blog Post: A Quick Refresher Before You Start The Dead Space 2 Demo

    We’re eager to get through all this holiday junk so we can play Dead Space 2 when it comes out early next year. While we wait patiently for the game’s January 25 release, we might has well take the opportunity to catch up on the series' fiction. Check out the video below to bring yourself... More
  • Blog Post: The Snubbed List

    When you throw 18 editors together and have them campaign for their favorite characters of the decade, not everyone leaves the room happy. Trimming the list to the 30 characters that defined the generation wasn’t easy, and many worthy candidates just missed the cut. Here are 10 characters that... More
  • Blog Post: See Isaac Clarke's Idea Of Pumpkin Carving In This Dead Space 2 Halloween Trailer

    Last night, I carved pumpkins for the first time since I was a little kid. It was fun and all, but I can guarantee you that I wasn't working nearly as zealously at this Halloween activity as Dead Space 2's Isaac Clarke. EA has released a brief but fun live-action "trailer" for Dead... More
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