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  • Blog Post: The Room Two Coming Soon To Android And Non-iPad iOS Devices

    The Room Two was one of our favorite iPad games last year , and soon it will be available on new platforms. News of the assorted ports to new platforms comes by way of developer Fireproof Games' official Twitter account. The game will be available for iPhone and iPod touch devices starting on Thursday... More
  • Blog Post: Lords Of Waterdeep Now Available For iOS

    Today, for the very first time, a Dungeons & Dragons themed board game has landed on iOS devices. The award-winning Lords of Waterdeep is now available to download for $6.99 on iTunes . The digital board game is developed by Playdek , best known for the games Agricola, Ascension, and Summoner Wars... More
  • Blog Post: Apple Press Conference Reveals iOS 7 Release Date

    Today at the Apple Press Conference, the company confirmed that you can download iOS 7 for free starting September 18. The iPhone 4+, iPad 2+, iPad mini, and 5th-gen iPod touch can all get the iOS 7 upgrade. It features a new iTunes radio, where you can create your own stations and express your own musical... More
  • Blog Post: All The Gaming News From Apple's WWDC 2013

    Though Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference is not primarily a gaming-focused event, news like this year's announcement of controller support is just as important to the massive mobile gaming scene as anything coming out of E3. No new iPhone was announced, but we were treated to a new... More
  • Blog Post: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Available Now For iOS Devices

    As teased earlier this week , Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is now available for iOS devices. The initial download is free, but additional content must be paid for individually. Additional songs are $0.99 a piece, but there are song packs available for $2.99 each. Additional characters are $1.99 each. The... More
  • Blog Post: Sega Alliance Launches Jack Lumber For iOS

    Sega's new mobile publishing wing, Sega Alliance, released its first game today. Jack Lumber, developed by Owlchemy Labs, is a clever variation on the gameplay of the mobile blockbuster Fruit Ninja. The game uses cartoonish graphics to tell the tale of Jack Lumber, a tree-cuttin' man who's... More
  • Blog Post: The Hunger Games: Girl On Fire iOS Game To Release Alongside The Upcoming Film

    The Hunger Games , the popular book that inspired the upcoming film, is getting a game adaptation. This game has a little more going for it than the average movie tie-in game, though. First of all, it's exclusively for iOS devices (for now) which means it's a much smaller game, and does not require... More
  • Blog Post: New Official Skyrim App Available For iOS

    Just a mere three months after The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim released to the world, Prima Games is finally putting out an official companion map app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. And it's free! Kind of. There are a lot of unauthorized Skyrim apps out there. The official one is titled "The... More
  • Blog Post: Mega Man X Blasts Onto iPhone

    Capcom's blue bomber invades Apple's platform for a bargain-friendly price. If you want to relive the thrilling stages of the SNES smash hit Mega Man X on your iPhone or iPod Touch, head to the App Store today. For $4.99, players can take on Sigma and his robot army in this remake that features... More
  • Blog Post: Apple And Google Refuse ESRB Mobile Ratings

    The ESRB, which has long rated console and PC games for content, has announced plans to begin rating mobile games sometime in 2012. However, these ratings might not matter much, as both Apple and Google are planning to ignore this new ratings system entirely. Apple offered no official comment, but a... More
  • Blog Post: Explore Another World On Your iPhone This Month

    The visually unique adventure platformer, Another World, originally thrilled PC, 3DO, and Sega Mega Drive owners back in 1992. Now the game is getting another chance to impress intergalactic explorers with a re-release on iOS. Gameplay in Another World is in line with adventure cult classics like Flash... More
  • Blog Post: Make-A-Wish Kid's PopCap Game Finished, Is Awesome

    Awhile ago we reported that an iOS game was being developed by a terminally ill 9-year-old in conjunction with PopCap . The miracle was made possible by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the fruits of their combined labor are finally playable for free on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. Little Owain,... More
  • Blog Post: Groovy Evil Dead Hands-On Impressions

    From the first time we saw Ash hack Deadites to bits in the Evil Dead movies, we've wondered what it'd be like to be the one wielding the chainsaw. Doom satisfied that urge a bit, but id's seminal shooter lacked the sense of humor and cartoonish gore the Sam Raimi films are known for. A handful... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Gearing Up To Launch PlayStation App For iPhone, Android

    Microsoft already has Xbox Live Anywhere implementing the popular online service into Windows Phone 7 to keep tabs on Live activity on the go, so it's no big surprise Sony is headed in the same direction. The company is planning to release the free Official PlayStation App for iPhone, iPod Touch... More
  • Blog Post: Ghost Trick Headed To iPhone

    While Capcom's Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective isn't hitting U.S. DSs until January 11, the game will be expanding to iOS devices in Japan starting tomorrow. The first two chapters will be available for free, and players can purchase additional three chapter sets for 600 yen each ($7.14). If you're... More
  • Blog Post: Trilobyte Games Releasing 7th Guest On iOS

    Multimedia lives! Trilobyte Games has announced that it will be bringing its classic adventure game The 7th Guest to a new generation on iOS. The game will be available for download through iTunes in December, allowing players to explore the spooky Stauf mansion on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch for $3... More
  • Blog Post: UPDATE: DOS On iPhone Was (Briefly) A Go

    UPDATE: Just as quickly as it appeared, this wonderful app has been taken away from us. iDOS has been pulled from the App Store. Here's hoping it returns one day. ORIGINAL STORY: I repeat, Apple has greenlit fully featured DOS emulator iDOS for distribution through its iTunes store. You could be... More
  • Blog Post: Cut The Rope Sells One Million Copies In 10 Days

    One of the more interesting things about mobile gaming is how title can pop up out of nowhere and become phenomenally successful within a matter of days. The combination of low pricing and word-of-mouth recommendations doesn't necessarily make every game a possible blockbuster, but they do contribute... More
  • Blog Post: Ohh Nooo! Capcom Bringing Mr. Bill To iPhone

    In 1976, Saturday Night Live began running clay-animation sketches featuring a tiny, ill-fated figure named Mr. Bill. In his misadventures the unfortunate and malleable protagonist would often be squashed, torn, or dismembered by some terrible catastrophe caused by the mean Sluggo. Capcom decided that... More
  • Blog Post: Chair's Next Game Is iPhone Unreal Engine Title Project Sword

    UPDATE: We've downloaded the iPad version of the Epic Citadel app to check it out for ourselves. Check the post below for a few screens captures from our demo. We've been excited to see what Chair Entertainment is doing next since Shadow Complex launched on Xbox Live Arcade last year and blew... More
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