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  • Blog Post: Welcome The Winter 2016 Game Informer Interns

    Winter is one of the best times to cuddle up with a game and stay indoors. Most gamers are still playing catch up on their backlogs from 2015 and looking forward to the year ahead. As we try to stay warm in Minneapolis and gear up for another fun year of gaming, we're happy to introduce Game Informer's... More
  • Blog Post: Welcome The Summer 2015 Game Informer Interns

    New video game releases tend to dry up during the summer, which can make the entire scene appear rather dull from an outsider's perspective. From the inside the industry, however, there are few times in the year that are more exciting. With the huge announcements and surprises of E3 right around... More
  • Blog Post: Welcome The Winter 2015 GI Interns

    Covering games every year is an interesting cycle, with the crazy times around E3 filled with previews and the holidays filled with reviews. These first months of the New Year are usually an ideal time for us to dig back in and explore games and game culture in-depth, and we’ve got a great team... More
  • Blog Post: Welcome The 2014 Fall GI Interns

    It’s no secret that the fall is a busy time for anyone who writes about and covers the world of video games. Many developers and publishers still stick to the old practice of releasing their biggest games between September and November, so we stay pretty active during these weeks. Luckily for us... More
  • Blog Post: Welcome The Winter 2014 GI Interns

    The holidays are over, and we’re into another year of gaming. 2014 promises to be a crazy time in the gaming medium; next-gen platforms are fighting for your attention, indie games continue their meteoric rise, and giant blockbusters like Titanfall and Destiny promise to offer new takes on familiar... More
  • Blog Post: Meet The GI Fall 2013 Interns

    Everyone knows that the lead up to the holidays is one of the busiest times in the gaming industry. There are dozens of games to review, previews to write, and this year, new consoles to investigate. That’s why we’re extremely excited to have three new faces to help carry the load during... More
  • Blog Post: Welcome The Winter 2013 GI Interns

    Between reviews, previews, interviews, news, podcasts, videos, and all the other stuff we do around Game Informer, it’s safe to say that we keep ourselves pretty busy. That’s why we’re always excited when a new team of interns arrives at the office, eager and ready to help carry the... More
  • Blog Post: Meet The Fall 2012 GI Interns

    It’s another season, and that means it’s time for another troupe of new faces to join the editorial team at Game Informer. Our latest arrivals are three interns that come to us from all across the country. They’ve all managed to get themselves to our office, and are ready to start writing... More
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