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  • Blog Post: Gearbox, 3D Realms, And Interceptor Settle Duke Nukem Lawsuit

    Duke Nukem hasn’t made positive news in quite some time. Today, that changes. Gearbox, 3D Realms, and Interceptor Entertainment have all agreed to end ongoing litigation over the ownership of the property. This follows news in May that the parties had come to an understanding via mediation. Each... More
  • Blog Post: Rise Of The Triad Is $3 Today To Celebrate Soundtrack Release

    Apogee is slashing the price on its 2013 throwback shooter, Rise of the Triad. The game is currently discounted on Steam to $2.99, an 80 percent savings. Rise of the Triad is a callback to the days of rocket jumping, blindingly fast circle strafing, and days when it was still weird to have baseball bats... More
  • Blog Post: Gearbox And 3D Realms Settle Duke Nukem Lawsuit Via Mediation

    The year-old lawsuit over an unauthorized Duke Nukem game has been settled out of court. Gearbox, which brought Duke Nukem Forever to completion after 12 years in development limbo, filed suit against 3D Realms over the announced (and since altered) Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction. According to filings... More
  • Blog Post: Play Rise Of The Triad Free This Weekend On Steam

    Interceptor Entertainment’s Rise of the Triad has a brand new update that adds Steam Workshop integration. That means you can build and share levels easily with other Steam users right through the app. Perhaps you’ve not yet played Rise of the Triad, though. In that case, you might be interested... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Gearbox Sues 3D Realms And Interceptor Over Duke Nukem Title

    Update: Interceptor Entertainment has responded to our request for comment. "We are aware of the lawsuit against 3D Realms and Interceptor," Interceptor CEO Frederik Schreiber told Game Informer via email. "It’s an unfortunate situation, but we have acted in good faith and are working... More
  • Blog Post: Rise Of The Triad Reboot To Allow Level Creation With 1995 Assets

    Apogee and Interceptor Entertainment are releasing Rise of the Triad for PC on July 31, a reboot of the original title from 1995. While the game has been dramatically overhauled visually, fans of the classic should be pleased to find the same fast-paced FPS action from the original ROTT. Today we learn... More
  • Blog Post: Duke Nukem Gets Platformer Pack And Honor For Legendary Voice Actor To Celebrate Over 20 Years

    Duke Nukem is celebrating his birthday in style. His original title was released on July 1, 1991. Today, Interceptor Entertainment (the studio handling the Rise of the Triad reboot) announced the Duke Nukem Platformer Pack. This bundle includes three 3D Realms classics: Duke Nukem, Duke Nukem II , and... More
  • Blog Post: Interceptor Entertainment Pays Tribute To Original Rise Of The Triad Soundtrack

    What is The Legend of Zelda without the epic overworld theme? What is Final Fantasy without the familiar twinkling of the crystal music? What is Rise of the Triad without Lee Jackson's driving and eclectic compositions to splatter your foes by? In the latest Rise of the Triad developer diary, the... More
  • Blog Post: Can Your Computer Run Rise Of The Triad?

    The reboot of the classic first-person shooter Rise of the Triad will surely test your reaction times, but will it test your PC? Developer Interceptor Entertainment has revealed the game’s recommended system requirements. They aren't exceptionally demanding, so hopefully you'll be prepared... More
  • Blog Post: Rise Of The Triad Reboot Announced

    Apogee Software and developer Interceptor Entertainment announced a reboot of the classic first-person shooter Rise of the Triad. The game uses Unreal Engine 3 and includes a single-player campaign and multiplayer. "Apogee has given us a great opportunity with Rise of the Triad," says Interceptor... More
  • Blog Post: Duke Nukem 3D Fan Remake Put On Ice

    If you've been anticipating the Gearbox-approved fan remake of Duke Nukem 3D, it's time to put that enthusiasm on hold. According to indie studio Interceptor Entertainment, the team behind the PC remake, the project has been put on hold indefinitely. And before you light those torches and prepare... More
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