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  • Blog Post: Infinity Blade: Dungeons Arrives In 2013

    Epic Games first unveiled Infinity Blade: Dungeons when Apple announced its New iPad, but we still haven't heard any news about the premiere mobile hack n' slasher's release date. And we shouldn't expect to see the game before 2013. During an interview with Allthingsd , Epic Games spokesperson... More
  • Blog Post: Epic Games Forms Impossible Studios

    The creative minds behind Kingdoms of Amalur are now working with the creators of Gears of War. Epic has announced the formation of Impossible Studios, which brings together top industry minds, including the creative director Sean Dunn and much of the talent from the now defunct Big Huge Games. Impossible... More
  • Blog Post: Infinity Blade: Dungeons Announced

    The popular iOS series is getting a prequel set thousands of years before the original game. Check out the first trailer. Even as Apple enthusiastically unveiled its new iPad, an accompanying announcement from Epic Games revealed the existence of Infinity Blade: Dungeons, coming to the new iPad and other... More
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