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  • Blog Post: Do You Like Alternate History DLC?

    Some recent games are offering a unique experience through DLC – the chance to explore a “what if?” scenario in the game world. Do you like the trend? Ubisoft revealed today additional details about the upcoming DLC on the way to Assassin’s Creed III. Along with new multiplayer... More
  • Blog Post: Sucker Punch Addresses Infamous 2's Disappointing User Content

    During a GDC talk today titled "User-Generated Content in Infamous 2 (And Does It Make Sense For Your Game?)," Sucker Punch co-founder Chris Zimmerman discussed criticisms of the sequel's user-generated content feature. Speaking candidly, he said "Most users were disappointed by the... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 12/02/11

    We're all still recovering from the long Thanksgiving weekend and preparing for the fresh blast of cold weather in Minnesota, which means plenty of lazy time bundled up inside this weekend to play games. Here's what we'll be tackling this weekend: Tim Turi: I’ve had it about up to here... More
  • Blog Post: Infamous 2 Gets Move Support

    SCEA announced that PlayStation Move support is now available for Infamous 2. Players can download a free update that adds Move support to both the main game and user-generated content. Move support was already included in the add-on expansion Festival of Blood, which released on October 25. Is this... More
  • Blog Post: Infamous 2 DLC Release Date & Price

    Sony has announced a release date and price for Infamous 2's Festival of Blood DLC. The downloadable single-player expansion (which features Move support) comes out on October 25 for $14.99 over the PlayStation Network. The actual Infamous 2 disc is not needed to play the DLC. At the same time, the... More
  • Blog Post: Cole Awakens The Dead In Infamous: Festival Of Blood Teaser

    Sony surprised us recently with the announcement of Festival of Blood , a vampire-themed DLC pack for Infamous 2. While we still don't know much about the actual gameplay mechanics of the add-on, Sony and Sucker Punch have released a teaser trailer which you can see below. How far does this have... More
  • Blog Post: Infamous 2 Gets Vampires In Festival Of Blood DLC

    Vampires are the new zombies…or is it the other way around? No matter how you feel about the hierarchy of classic horror monsters, it's certainly good news when a great game like Infamous 2 announces some DLC. Today, Sony announced Festival of Blood, the first (non-user created) DLC for Infamous... More
  • Blog Post: Free Infamous 2 Vehicle Pack Available Now

    Sucker Punch has just released the first batch of DLC for its user-generated content system. This DLC gives creative mission makers access to a bundle of new vehicles. The very first Infamous 2 user-generated content pack is available now on PSN, and best of all it’s free. This pack will give players... More
  • Blog Post: Infamous 2 Now Available On PSN

    Sony's online store is now functioning normally, and today one of its big first party titles is available for download. Infamous 2 is now up on the PSN Store, retailing as a download for $59.99. Also, as part of Sony's "Welcome Back" program , you can still download the original Infamous... More
  • Blog Post: Import Infamous Trophy Data Into Sequel For In-Game Bonuses

    If you went the extra mile in the original Infamous and collected every last blast shard and earned the Platinum Trophy, your efforts won't go unnoticed. Sucker Punch is allowing players to import trophy data for accomplishment-based rewards. When you start Infamous 2 there will be an option to import... More
  • Blog Post: Infamous 2 Parodies Some Popular Game Titles

    Infamous 2 already garnered some headlines for poking fun at the Xbox 360 "red ring of death" problems, but some new screenshots grabbed from the game's beta show that the team at Sucker Punch are an equal opportunity band of jokesters. On the gaming blog iGo Gaming , writer Jalen Bell... More
  • Blog Post: Infamous 2 Takes A Jab At The 360's Red Ring Of Death

    Infamous 2 developer Sucker Punch has been outspoken in its belief that the PlayStation 3 is the most powerful console on the market. In October of last year, Sucker Punch's Darren Bridges made comments that suggested the Xbox 360 was not powerful enough to run Infamous 2. Now, a new trailer for... More
  • Blog Post: Registration For Infamous 2 Beta Open Now

    Sucker Punch provided details about the Infamous 2 User-Generated Content Beta today, a feature that was first revealed at GDC. If you’re interested in giving mission designing a go, you can sign up via the official website now. The period to register will only last one week, ending on March 21... More
  • Blog Post: Infamous 2 Gets Release Date

    Sony and developer Sucker Punch have just announced a summer release date for PlayStation 3's Infamous 2. The game will come out on June 7th, and will be available in its regular flavor or in the $100 Hero Edition (for more info, head here ). Fans can also get on the pre-order train at certain retailers... More
  • Blog Post: How Infamous 2 Strives For A Cosmic Balance

    Infamous 2 is a game that explores the relationship between power and responsibility. How is a person’s character tested when these two things are held in tension? Let’s take a closer look. Sony just posted a bunch of details about Infamous 2’s Karma system on its blog . It sounds like... More
  • Blog Post: Amazon Leaks Infamous 2 Hero Edition

    If we leaked as much info as online retailers, nobody would ever tell us anything. This time, it's Amazon prematurely posting details of Infamous 2's special edition. An 8.5" statue of protagonist Cole and a code redeemable for in-game power perks are the big things. Unless you count an... More
  • Blog Post: Morality In Infamous 2 Explained

    Choosing whether Cole is a selfless hero or an unapologetic jerk is a central aspect of Infamous 2, and Sony has revealed how the morality system will work. As posted on the PlayStation Blog , Cole will be guided down the path of good or evil with the help of two companions. These two ladies, Nix and... More
  • Blog Post: The Most-Anticipated PS3 Games Of 2011

    Since releasing in the shadow of the Xbox 360, Sony's PS3 has increased its installed base and gotten stronger every year. Whether it's third-party software or a strong-looking slate of first-party games, 2011 looks to be a good year for the system. Here's a look at just some of the most... More
  • Blog Post: Infamous Is Getting a Comic Book

    Sucker Punch's super-powered series is getting its universe expanded with an upcoming comic book that will bridge the gap between Infamous 1 and 2. DC Comics is handling the storyline, with William Harms doing the writing and illustrations by Eric Nguyen. According to the PlayStation blog , the comic... More
  • Blog Post: Sucker Punch: Xbox 360 Too Wimpy To Handle Infamous 2

    Sucker Punch designer Darren Bridges questioned the 360's capability to run Infamous 2 in a recent interview. And this is on top of a statement that the game is using only half of the PlayStation 3's power. Speaking with CVG , Bridges talked candidly about his thoughts on various consoles'... More
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