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  • Blog Post: February NPD Charts Show Strong Hardware Sales

    Hardware sales grew in February compared to a year ago, fueled by the two new consoles on the market. Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One reported strong sales, with PS4 enjoying a slight lead, but all platforms performed strongly at retail. According to NPD's Liam Callahan, "February 2014 hardware... More
  • Blog Post: Digital Video Game Market Growing Across The World

    According to a recent Game Developers Conference event centered on digital game sales, a lot more games are being purchased digitally. Downloadable content and digital game sales are growing by 33 percent year over year, in both the US and Europe. The US, UK, France, and Germany are seeing the highest... More
  • Blog Post: Hunting the Whale: How Game Developers Target Gamers' Wallets

    This afternoon Papaya's Oscar Clark gave a presentation entitled "The Design Secrets of Successful Freemium Games," which offered some insight into how mobile companies use data and social hierarchies to create profitable titles. Early in the presentation the mantra of "gamers who... More
  • Blog Post: NPD: Uncharted 2 & Borderlands Make Strong October Debuts

    October’s NPD numbers are in, and it’s turned out to be a very interesting month. Unfortunately, this month is down from last year in both the software and hardware categories. Nintendo’s Wii has reclaimed console supremacy, with PlayStation 3 following behind it. In addition we’ve... More
  • Blog Post: NPD Study Says 40 Percent Of Games Sales Are Impulsive

    Hungry for some video-game industry numbers to munch on? Look no further than the NPD group. In a recent Canadian study, it discovered that 40 percent of video-game sales in the past six months were impulse driven. The spontaneous purchases are attributed to flashy boxes, online play, and affordable... More
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