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  • Blog Post: Kerbal Space Program Taking Off On Wii U With Exclusive Controls

    Kerbal Space Program, the space launch and flight simulation from developer Squad, will be coming to Wii U. In addition, those who play it on Wii U will be able to use exclusive controls available only on the system’s GamePad. Because of these exclusive controls, the Wii U version of Kerbal Space... More
  • Blog Post: Sony And Nintendo Announce Indie Game Sales

    Sony and Nintendo are both offering up a number of indie titles with steep discounts. You can pick up some gems if you act quickly. Nintendo’s Wii U Super Indie Connection #2 sale has been running since January 15 and continues through January 29. If you own at least one of these titles (or purchase... More
  • Blog Post: Double Fine Lending A Publishing Helping Hand So Other Indies Can ‘Stay Indie’

    Today’s release of Escape Goat 2 on PC is important to developer MagicalTimeBean, but what you may not know is that Double Fine is part of the celebration. The studio known for Psychonauts and Broken Age is lending a helping hand by helping other indie developers publish their titles. We spoke... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Confirms Indie Self Publishing, Microsoft Responds To Our Questions

    Update: Microsoft has verified our report. Confirmation has also been provided regarding Xbox One retail consoles serving as developer kits. This is an enormous change to the landscape, and supports the move to allow independent developers to self-publish. "Our vision is that every person can be... More
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