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  • Blog Post: MomoCon Organizers List Finalists For Its First Indie Game Awards

    MomoCon is an annual celebration of animation, comics, and games. This year, the Atlanta-based show is paying tribute to indie-game developers, with its first-ever Indie Game Awards. They've narrowed the field down from more than 120 entries to what they considered the top 20, and they'll all... More
  • Blog Post: Stealth Inc 2 Dates Announced For Xbox One, PlayStation Platforms With New Trailer

    The sequel to the well-received Stealth Inc hits Xbox One, with PC and PlayStation platforms to follow next week. Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones is out today for Xbox One, with PC (via the Humble Store), and PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita on April 7. It's also a Cross Buy game... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Runs Down Indie Games Coming To Wii U In 2015

    Nintendo has announced a selection of new indie titles coming to Wii U this summer. Adventures of Pip Adventures of Pip (header image above) is a puzzle-platformer that follows the adventures of a single pixel. As players progress they will gain the abilities that allow them to transform into new forms... More
  • Blog Post: Indie Megabooth Announces PAX East 2015 Lineup

    Over the past several years, the Indie Megabooth has grown to be a large presence at several expos across the globe. The Indie Megabooth today announced the lineup it's bringing to PAX East 2015. This year's Indie Megabooth features 79 games with a special tabletop games section. In the past... More
  • Blog Post: Retailer Scam Re-Sells Humble Bundle Games, Reaps Profit Off Charity

    Services like Humble Bundle offer a pay-what-you-want service that is beneficial for developers, charities, and consumers. We’ve discovered that the PC games digital distributor 7 Entertainment and other sites are taking advantage of this generosity and obtaining Steam keys from Humble Bundles... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Which Upcoming Indie Games Are You Most Excited About?

    The stampede of compelling indie games continues unabated, with a number of games being shown for the first time at GDC, and other previously announced titles showing off new builds and assets. Just today, we showcased games like Fru , Wulverblade , Hyper Light Drifter , Habitat , and It Draws A Red... More
  • Blog Post: Grab Six Great Indie Games In New Humble Weekly Sale

    Humble Bundle has become so popular with big-name game makers (including Sid Meier ) that it's easy to forget the website started by spotlighted indie games. The newest Humble Weekly sale returns to the site's roots with six great indie titles. The weeklong sale features gravity-shifting puzzlers... More
  • Blog Post: What Indie Game Are You Most Excited To Play In 2014?

    With each passing year, the independent game scene becomes more vibrant and varied. 2013 brought us amazing games like Gone Home , Antichamber , and Papers, Please . There seems to be no sign of things slowing down in 2014, as we look forward to games like Galak-Z: The Dimensional , Helldivers , and... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Is Your Favorite Indie Game This Year?

    We talked about how it was a great year for indies on our recent podcast , highlighting some of our favorites. Now it's your turn. A lot of indie game discussion occurred this year in the Game Informer office. Whether we were talking about searching a house to find a family's whereabouts in Gone... More
  • Blog Post: Fullbright Company's Gone Home Sales Top 50,000

    One of the year's most critically praised indie games is selling well. In a blog post on developer The Fullbright Company's website, co-founder Steve Gaynor wrote, "We’re happy to announce that between Steam and our own website Gone Home has sold more than 50,000 copies since launc... More
  • Blog Post: Majesco Entertainment Launches Indie Label Midnight City

    The publisher behind such hits as Zumba Fitness World Party and Hulk Hogan's Main Event is prepping to enter the indie game movement with a new publishing label called Midnight City. Majesco says that its new division will focus on bringing independent games to market through digital distribution... More
  • Blog Post: Minecraft Coming To PS4, PS3, And Vita

    One of the few indie titles announced for Xbox One is also making its way to Sony's next-gen system. After parading a few fans out donning boxy Creeper masks, Sony announced that the PS4 will be receiving its own version of Minecraft. Sony didn't share any details about the title other than its... More
  • Blog Post: Dear Esther Developer's Next Game Coming To PS4 [Updated With Screens]

    British indie developer The Chinese Room will be bringing its post-apocalyptic adventure game Everybody's Gone To The Rapture to PS4. The Chinese Room is best known for its experimental indie hit Dear Esther, and is working on Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, a sequel to Frictional Games' acclaimed... More
  • Blog Post: Acclaimed Author Neil Gaiman Announces First Game Project

    The Neverwhere writer is creating Wayward Manor, a macabre puzzle/adventure game developed in partnership with the indie studio The Odd Gentlemen. The author, who's well known in comic and fantasy circles for many books including Neverwhere , American Gods , and the classic comic book series Sandman... More
  • Blog Post: Phil Fish Won’t Release Fez II For Xbox Platforms

    The outspoken indie developer has had a troubled relationship with Microsoft, and stated in a recent interview that his planned platform for Fez II is "not Xbox." Fish's Fez, which garnered high praise for its inventive, perspective-shifting puzzles, was released on Xbox 360. However, Fish... More
  • Blog Post: PC Release Dated For Joe Danger, Sequel

    Hello Games is bringing both of its critically acclaimed Joe Danger titles to PC sooner than you might expect. Beginning June 24, Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie can be purchased through Steam. Both games support Big Picture mode and gamepad control for optimum couch enjoyment. Hello Games has... More
  • Blog Post: Oddworld Creator: Microsoft “Not Interested” In Indies

    Oddworld Inhabitants head Lorne Lanning has a dim view of the approach Microsoft has taken with indies on Xbox 360 and continues to on Xbox One. Speaking with Eurogamer , Lanning decried Microsoft’s insistence on every game having a traditional publisher. “Why do we need a publisher when... More
  • Blog Post: Finalists Announced For Microsoft's Imagine Cup Game Design Competition

    If watching behind the scenes videos of massive gaming projects doesn't give aspiring designers enough envy, seeing what some student geniuses are up to in the world of indie games should do it. With far more limited resources, the young finalists of Microsoft's Imagine Cup competition have still... More
  • Blog Post: Another Round Of Indie Games Get The Green Light On Steam

    Valve has announced another half dozen indie games that will be joining the ranks of Steam. The creative titles run the gamut from a country-life RPG to a riot simulator. Steam Greenlight allows gamers to vote on software they'd like to see added to the digital distribution platform, and the latest... More
  • Blog Post: Indie Game Spotlight: Atum

    While wandering the showfloor at GDC, I chanced upon this delightful little indie gem. Now I can't get it out of my mind, so I thought I'd put it into yours. Atum was developed by a group of students from NHTV IGAD's University Gamelab in the Netherlands. The game starts players in a first... More
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