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  • Blog Post: Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition Adds 300+ Minutes Of New Content

    It seems fitting that a movie about video games would get post-release content in the form of a special edition. You can either purchase and download the extra content through Steam as DLC if you purchased the movie that way originally, or you can buy the physical 3-disc set that includes three Blu-rays... More
  • Blog Post: Indie Game: The Movie and Basement Collection Bundle Due Out March 8

    Super Meat Boy creator, Edmund McMillen, is releasing a retail version of his game compilation, The Basement Collection. It's coming on March 8, along with the documentary, Indie Game: The Movie , which recounts the production of Super Meat Boy and its journey to Xbox Live Arcade. The Basement Collection... More
  • Blog Post: The Humble Indie Bundle 7 Is Now Live

    The newest Humble Indie Bundle offers up a plethora of games, music, and even a movie. In the newest Humble Indie Bundle, gamers can pay what they want for Snapshot, The Binding of Isaac (which includes the Wrath of the Lamb DLC), Closure , Shank 2 , and Indie Game: The Movie . Those who pay more than... More
  • Blog Post: The Indie Game Music Bundle 3 Is Available

    Do you like music? Do you enjoy helping people in need? Well supporting the Indie Game Music Bundle might just be right up your alley. Similar to the Humble Indie Bundle V deal which is going on right now , the Indie Game Music Bundle 3 is a charity event to raise money for worthwhile causes. In the... More
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