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  • Blog Post: Indiana Jones Movie Confirmed, But Not As Close As You Hoped

    For months, rumors have been circulating that Chris Pratt will star in a new Indiana Jones film. Disney and Lucasfilm finally confirmed that the studio still plans on making a new fedora-wearing globetrotting adventure. Unfortunately, a script hasn't even been written yet. In a recent interview with... More
  • Blog Post: Donkey Me Injects Classic Movies, Characters, And Music Into Donkey Kong

    Donkey Me, from creator Bruno R. Marcos , puts classic movie skins and music into the classic Donkey Kong game. The mod uses movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Aliens, Conan, and Flash Gordon among others to craft a new take on Donkey Kong. Each skin also adapts bit-tune versions of themes form the... More
  • Blog Post: Box Sets: A Missed Opportunity For Video Games

    I don’t stream movies. I collect them on Blu-ray. When I’m shopping for new films either online or in a retail shop, I often find myself tempted to buy collections and bundles – sometimes for the savings they offer, and other times to land a complete trilogy or set. I recently picked... More
  • Blog Post: Indiana Jones 5 Rumors Spark Video Game Speculation

    The internet is abuzz with rumors of what the next Indiana Jones film may entail, and we couldn't help but wonder what it may mean for a new video game. A word of warning before we begin: This story will contain speculation on our part, and if the rumors turn out to be true, a few spoilers to boot... More
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