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  • Blog Post: Inception Retold As An 8-Bit Game

    Inception was a great movie, and it would probably make a great old school video game. Get a glimpse into what history might look like if video game developers had been able to license Inception thirty years ago. Inception sure is a good movie, huh? But we don't want to put any ideas in your head... More
  • Blog Post: Inception Trailer Recreated In LittleBigPlanet 2

    Ever wonder what Christopher Nolan's mindbending thriller would look like in cute video game graphics? Your time has come. Pixel Enemy has created the entire Inception trailer within LittleBigPlanet 2. Huge levels and custom costumes were painstakingly crafted for mere split seconds of footage before... More
  • Blog Post: Christopher Nolan Confirms Inception Video Game

    The director chatted recently about the upcoming Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises , Inception 's ending, and his participation in an Inception game. Back in September, you may remember Christopher Nolan teasing the possibility of an Inception game, but now it sounds like it's definitely happening... More
  • Blog Post: Inception Video Game May Be More Than A Dream

    Stepping out of the movie theater after seeing Inception, only one coherent thought rattled around in my mind amidst the confused awe – a video game based on it could rock. Apparently director Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight), agrees. "One thing we are looking at doing is developing a video... More
  • Blog Post: Inception/Psychonauts Mash-Up Is the Best Thing I've Seen Today

    You don't really think about how much Double Fine cult classic platformer Psychonauts has in common with this year's summer blockbuster film Inception -- or at least, I hadn't -- until someone on YouTube goes ahead and blends the two together. Enter Inceptionauts. This mash-up of the music... More
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