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  • Blog Post: IGDA Comments On Recent King Trademark Enforcement

    Much has been said of mobile and social game developer King, its trademark of the word “candy” and subsequent enforcement , and its commissioning a clone of another developer’s game . Following last week’s news that King allegedly used another game as the template for Candy Crush... More
  • Blog Post: A Look At Naughty Dog's Abandoned Jak And Daxter Reboot

    In February 2012, we had the opportunity to talk with Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann about an abandoned reboot of Jak and Daxter . Today we finally get a look at some of the concept art the studio was working on. The images come by way of Druckmann's recent IGDA talk captured by Toronto radio station... More
  • Blog Post: Exotic Dancers Cause IGDA Resignations

    The employment of female exotic dancers at an International Game Developers Association at a party during this week's Game Developers Conference has caused high-profile members of the trade group to resign in protest. Most notably, Brenda Romero, an experienced and respected game developer whose... More
  • Blog Post: Amazon Clarifies Android App Store Rules; IGDA Not Impressed

    Recently the International Game Developers Association expressed concern about Amazon.com's pricing of Android Apps in its store, and what it could do to developers. Now Amazon has responded, saying that its rules were misinterpreted. However, the IGDA remains on alert. The IGDA's concerns revolve... More
  • Blog Post: IGDA Warns Android Developers Against Amazon

    The non-profit industry trade organization has sent out an open letter to its members warning against Amazon's new Android Appstore. The IGDA takes issue with the contractual pricing terms Amazon enforces with developers to sell their games, claiming that they can undercut profits to the developer... More
  • Blog Post: IDGA Weighs In On Supreme Court Hearing

    When news broke early last week that the Supreme Court has decided to review the Entertainment Merchants Association v. Schwarzenegger case, industry advocates like the Entertainment Software Association and the Video Games Voter Network were quick to weigh in with their stance on the issue. Now, the... More
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