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  • Blog Post: Sony Chairman Howard Stringer To Retire In June

    Sony's current chairman and former CEO Howard Stringer has announced that he is retiring from the company in June. Last April, Stringer stepped down as CEO, handing over responsibilities to Kaz Hirai . Stringer is involved with all things Sony, not just the video game division. He will be officially... More
  • Blog Post: Kaz Hirai Named Sony President

    It's official: Kaz Hirai has been named President and CEO of Sony Corp. effective April 1. He was previously named Chairman back in June 2011. Howard Stringer, currently Chairman, CEO and President, will become Chairman of the Board of Directors in June, 2012, Sony said in a statement. “As... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Denies Kaz Hirai Promotion

    Updated Story: Sony has issued a statement denying the report from last week: "Certain media reports were published on January 7th, 2012 regarding Sony Corporation's executive officers' appointments. Sony Corporation has made no announcement in this regard and nothing has been determined... More
  • Blog Post: Life After The PSN Meltdown

    "This year, we at Sony have been flooded, we've been flattened, we've been hacked, we've been singed," said Sony's CEO Howard Stringer at a recent press conference. "But the summer of our discontent is behind us." The comments come via a longer speech Stringer made... More
  • Blog Post: Sony's Stringer Defends PSN Response

    Parts of Sony's PlayStation Network are finally back up and running after being down for almost a month, but that doesn't mean the questions are over. Sony CEO Howard Stringer testily defended the company's response with his one of his own. "This was an unprecedented situation,"... More
  • Blog Post: Sony CEO Harold Stringer's Letter To PlayStation Network Users

    Sony's top man finally speaks out to fans in a letter posted on the PlayStation Blog. In it he claims there is "here is no confirmed evidence any credit card or personal information has been misused." He also explains why it took Sony so long to inform its owners of the security breach... More
  • Blog Post: Kaz Hirai's Ascension At Sony Continues

    Kaz Hirai's enthusiasm for Ridge Racer and all things Sony hasn't gone unnoticed by the bigwigs upstairs. Hirai has been promoted, and is in line for Sony's CEO spot. In a slightly strange public audition/reality show premise, Hirai has been given the title of executive deputy president to... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Network To Go Mobile On Ericsson Devices

    The Mobile World Conference is underway this week and has been host to a few interesting mobile announcements from big game companies. Yesterday Microsoft announced new Windows Mobile devices that include Live Anywhere , which supports gamer profiles, avatars, achievements and even Xbox Live titles right... More
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