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  • Blog Post: The Third Penny Arcade Game Lives On

    Much doubt has surrounded the next installment in Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness series, but today brings good news. A phoenix down has been used on the fallen third entry, in the form of a new developer bringing the game in a new 16-bit RPG direction. Developer Hothead... More
  • Blog Post: Kids Can't Stop Talking About Swarm

    Hothead Games released their game Swarm last week on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, which should mean that they're done talking about it. It seems they've stumbled upon a marketing loophole, however, with this latest video. Rather than blather on about their own game, they've found... More
  • Blog Post: Hothead Discusses Swarmites And Workplace Sensitivity

    Keeping with the humorous tone of the downloadable title, Hothead Games uses Swarmites to discuss workplace sensitivity in a new training video. The live-action clip demonstrates how knowledge is power when it comes to acceptance of those different from you. While the video doesn’t divulge new... More
  • Blog Post: Dr. Mike Talks Combos In New Swarm Video

    Dr. Mike is back, and he's ready to to talk some more about Swarm. This time, the AI guru at Hothead Games explains to the game's designer how combo chains work. You'd think he'd know a thing or two about that by now. As with the other two installments, there isn't anything mindblowing... More
  • Blog Post: Dr. Mike Talks About Death In A New Swarm Video

    Hothead Games is back with another Ask Dr. Mike video, this time focusing what death means in Swarm. Watch as Dr. Mike Hayward, the game's AI guy, and Joel DeYoung, Swarm's producer, play the game and giggle a lot in an unscripted demo of the game. Lots of chubby blue creatures get creamed over... More
  • Blog Post: Ask Dr. Mike In New Swarm Developer Diary

    Swarm creator Dr. Mike Hayward takes to the stage in Hothead’s newest developer diary, explaining the inner workings of controlling a Swarmite…swarm. Joined by Lead Designer Pete Low, the pair giggles through an explanation of how to move, huddle, jump, and stack the fearless blue minions... More
  • Blog Post: Hope For Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 3 Briefly Ignited, Quickly Snuffed Out

    Are you a fan of Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness? Are you still holding out hope that developer Hothead Games might pursue a third episode of the downloadable RPG despite abandoning plans for it last year? If so, you might have a heart attack from the cruel reversal of... More
  • Blog Post: DeathSpank Heads To Steam

    Hothead's unusual cooperative action/RPG isn't staying on consoles. The humorous downloadable game will now be available on PC and Mac in only a few short weeks. The game is hopping over to PC and Mac via Steam on October 26th. Pre-order on the Steam site and you'll get 10% off the $14.99... More
  • Blog Post: Hothead Unleashes Swarm Gameplay Trailer

    Ignition Entertainment and DeathSpank developer Hothead Games have unleashed the first gameplay trailer of their upcoming action platformer Swarm (due out next year). In Swarm you'll guide a group of Swarmites through "gauntlets of death and destruction" in search of DNA. In this Swarm... More
  • Blog Post: Surprise DeathSpank Sequel Coming In September

    DeathSpank, the gonzo action/RPG collaboration between Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert and Hothead Games, has been garnering (mostly) strong reviews so far. Hothead is now looking to keep the momentum going with a surprise sequel to the game, DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue, which will release on PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: Braid Finally Coming To Japan

    North American gamers have been enjoying Braid since it hit XBLA two years ago and arrived on PC, Mac, and PlayStation Network last year. If you live in Japan, though, you haven't yet had the chance to experience this brain-bending puzzle-platformer. Lucky for Japanese gamers, that will change this... More
  • Blog Post: DeathSpank’s New Humorous Story Trailer

    Any Ron Gilbert fans out there? If so you should keep your eye on the new download title DeathSpank. The developer famous for his work on LucasArts adventure games, Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island, will bring his special brand of absurdist humor to Xbox Live Arcade and PSN later this year. If you want... More
  • Blog Post: DeathSpank And Shank Signed To EA Partners

    Even though EA decided to cut back its distribution plans, the EA Partners program is still alive and well. The publishing group recently signed two new downloadable indie titles. Gamasutra reports that EA Partners has picked up Shank and DeathSpank as its first two digital distributed releases. EA Partners... More
  • Blog Post: Braid Hits PlayStation Network This Month

    Jonathan Blow’s critically acclaimed, time bending, platform puzzler is finally arriving on PlayStation Network after extended stays on Xbox Live Arcade and PC. Braid will be downloadable for PSN on November 12 in North America. Developer Hothead Games is handling the port and is known for its... More
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