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  • Blog Post: Rapper Richie Branson Pays Tribute To Chrono Trigger

    Hip-hop artist Richie Branson extols the virtues of the classic Square RPG Chrono Trigger in a song from his upcoming game-inspired album From Guardia With Love . The song, entitled "All I Had (#BringBackChrono), is nice reminiscence of Branson's childhood days as an gamer. Check it out. You... More
  • Blog Post: Ice-T: Words With The Original Gamer

    I used to call myself “The Original Gamer” in the magazine in tribute to Ice-T’s 1991 album O.G. Original Gangster , so I was excited to find out, via his many postings on YouTube and Twitter, that the gangster rap legend and actor is a devoted gamer. I recently got a chance to speak... More
  • Blog Post: Hip-Hop Artist Turns Pokémon Theme Into Rap Song

    We know what you're thinking: How could the opening theme song to Pokemon get any more awesome than it already is? Answer: by turning it into a rap song complemented by a surprisingly professional-looking music video. Check it out, it's totally cute. Er, we mean dope. We're hip! Here's... More
  • Blog Post: RZA Tweets Hint At DJ Hero 2 Appearance

    We got word about a DJ Hero sequel from Activision head Bobby Kotick back in January , but news about the game has been hard to come by since then. Thank goodness for Twitter. Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA made a few tweets that make it seem extremely likely that he’ll be in DJ Hero 2. As Gamespot points... More
  • Blog Post: Def Jam Rapstar To Be Distributed By Konami, First Tracks Announced

    This morning, Konami announced that it will be distributing a new hip-hop interactive music title, Def Jam Rapstar . The game is being created through a partnership between 4mm Games, Terminal Reality, and Def Jam Interactive. While the game will feature the karaoke-style gameplay you’d expect... More
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