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  • Blog Post: HEX: Shards Of Fate At E3 2015

    At E3 2015, we sat down with Cory Jones, CEO of HEX Entertainment, to see what's coming soon for the digital trading card game. The third expansion set, Armies of Myth, is expected to launch XXXX, and we have XXXX to show off right now. We also had a chance to check out XXXX for the first time. The... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Hex: Shards Of Fate Creators Sued By Magic: The Gathering Creators

    Update: Cryptozoic and Hex Entertainment have responded to Wizards of the Coast's intellectual property infringement claim. The company posted the following statement on its website: As you may be aware, Wizards of the Coast recently filed a lawsuit against Cryptozoic Entertainment, LLC and Hex Entertainment... More
  • Blog Post: Get Your First Look At An Upcoming Hex: Shards of Fate Card

    Hex: Shards of Fate is an upcoming free-to-play MMOTCG from Cryptozoic Entertainment, and we’ve got an exclusive preview card to share! This card is will be included in set 2 of Hex and looks like an interesting option for ruby decks to take advantage of direct damage spells. Not only does Heart... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Which Successfully Funded Kickstarter Are You Most Excited About?

    Some of the high-profile gaming-oriented Kickstarter projects are on the horizon. Which one are you desperately waiting for? In the last few years, Kickstarter has become a big part of the gaming industry, as numerous developers look to their fans to fund projects instead of a traditional publisher model... More
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