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  • Blog Post: Hero Academy Now Available On Android Devices

    PC and iOS players have been selfishly enjoying the competitive strategy of Robot Entertainment's Hero Academy without sharing, but now Android players will be able to finally play the game. If you're unfamiliar with the game, it plays out similarly to chess, with competing players taking turns... More
  • Blog Post: Hero Academy Strategically Moves To PC

    Fans of Robot Entertainment’s mobile strategy title Hero Academy can dig into the game on PC with a group of Team Fortress 2 characters. Hero Academy is a quick strategy title that has addicted more than a few Game Informer editors. Those who buy the game through Steam will unlock an exclusive... More
  • Blog Post: Apple-Approved Hero Academy Clone Isn't Even Trying

    Apple's App Store is a busy place, with new games being added nearly every minute . With that kind of volume, it's easy to see how a few things slip through the cracks, such as a completely unauthorized (and nonfunctional) Pokemon Yellow title. In that instance, it was quickly pulled from the... More
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