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  • Blog Post: Fan Art Imagines Every Hat Worn By A Single Spy In Team Fortress 2

    Update: As promised by artist Ashley Lange, the speed-painting video of her impressive piece is now online. Original story: Artist Ashley Lange has drawn every hat offered by Team Fortress 2 (with a few reasonable exceptions) and placed them on the head of a Spy with impeccable balance. You can head... More
  • Blog Post: Joe Danger PC Trailer Shows Minecraft And Team Fortress 2 Additions

    Joe Danger and its sequel are coming to Steam later this month, and it looks like this version of the games will have some PC exclusive additions. In the trailer for the game below, you will see Steve from Minecraft as a playable character as well as a Minecraft-themed level. You will also be able to... More
  • Blog Post: Team Fortress 2 And Other PC Exclusive Characters Coming To Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

    The Pyro, the Heavy, and the Spy from Team Fortress 2, along with a few other characters, are all coming to the PC version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Along with the Team Fortress 2 characters, Manager Man from Football Manager and the legendary Shogun from Total War: Shogun II will... More
  • Blog Post: New Back To The Future Screens

    Great Scott! Telltale Games has released a few screens of its upcoming Back to the Future adventure game! You can see the full screens over at IGN , showcasing Doc and Marty along with a stylish art direction. Despite the familiarity of the locations, Telltale's version of Back to the Future is not... More
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